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English flyer black babySpanish Flyer mother babyrItalian Flyer  Brazilian Portuguese Flyer English Flyer mother baby

Flyers can be posted or given to mothers or famly members. Mothers can scan a QR code which takes them directly to the survey in any available language. 


English Flyer (Black baby)518 KB
English Flyer (mother with baby).pdf1.91 MB
English Flyer (baby feet)1.97 MB
Spanish Flyer (Español)(mother/madre).pdf1.86 MB
Italian Flyer (Italiano).pdf2.07 MB
Brazilian Portuguese Flyer (Português Brasileiro).pdf1.96 MB
French Flyer (Français).pdf1.96 MB
German Flyer (Deutsch).pdf1.99 MB
Chinese (simplified) Flyer (中文).pdf1.98 MB
Japanese Flyer (日本人).pdf1.95 MB