Thank you to all attendees and contributors! We are working on workshop outputs, and will be moving to an archival site at where we will also add workshop outcomes.

Submissions should take a critical, reflexive stance, and also may provide an outlook on how to tackle a topic, such as a particular ethical or methodological challenge in an interdisciplinary setting.

Submission types

Submissions may either be non-archival 2-page statements of interest or motivation, or archival papers up to 4,000 words. Accepted archival papers will be published in ICWSM Workshop Proceedings, a special issue of the journal Frontiers in Big Data. Open Access publishing fees will be waived for authors without institutions support for covering these fees. 

All submissions must be in English.

Statement of interest or motivation (up to 2 pages)

Statements of interest or motivation should not exceed 2 pages and may be submitted in any format. They will be non-archival (not included in the ICWSM Workshop Proceedings), but if accepted, the author(s) have the option of publishing here on the workshop website (which will be archived at ( Topics chosen should resonate with the relevant topics listed the Call for Papers. The statement should include an explanation of interest in the topics and why participation in the workshop is desired.

Full paper (up to 4,000 words)

Full papers should be 500 to 4,000 words, according to Frontiers guidelines, detailed at Authors should submit as a “Perspective” article type. If accepted, these submissions have the option of being included in the Workshop Proceedings of the 13th International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media published by Frontiers in Big Data.

For the specific layout, typesetting, and format, if you would like a template, here are quick links:

According to the Frontiers site, “These templates are meant as a guide, you are of course welcome to use any style or formatting and Frontiers journal style will be applied during typesetting”; accordingly, while we request using the templates above, we will accept other styles/formatting. 

In addition to addressing the relevant topics listed the Call for Papers, papers may be:

  • Reports of best practices in regard to responsible data science
  • Descriptions of novel interdisciplinary settings and methodologies (e.g. participatory or citizen science settings), supported by prior own work or a short state of the art description
  • Case studies of social, ethical or legal challenges faced
  • Frameworks and principles for active and responsible engagement with stakeholders potentially affected by applications of data science

Please consult the full workshop proposal for more details, including examples of reflections/position pieces. 

Evaluation and selection

Submissions will be evaluated on the basis of their fit to the workshop theme and will be reviewed by the workshop organizers, involving external reviewers when necessary. Selections will be made on the basis of the number of submissions, with a priority given for inclusion.

Submission instructions

  • Submit via the "Submit your manuscript" link at the top of the page at (registration for Frontiers required). 
  • When submitting, please select one of the workshop organizers as the “preferred editor” (Momin M. Malik, Katja Mayer, Hemank Lamba, or Claudia Müller-Birn). 
  • If a statement of interest or motivation, please submit as a “General Commentary.” 
  • If a full paper, please submit as either a “Perspective” (length limit 3,000 words) or a “Brief Research Report” (length limit 4,000 words). Note that you are welcome to make submissions substantially shorter than this.
  • If you would like the submission to be non-archival, please indicate somewhere in the paper. 
  • Note that the submission site only allows submission of images as TIFF. If you have EPS, PDF, PNG, or other format images, please submit them as supplementary material. 
  • NO AUTHOR SHOULD HAVE TO PAY PUBLISHING FEES. Under “Payment and funding information,” if your institution is not a Frontier institutional member, you may temporarily enter in your own information for an “Individual payer.” Please ignore any emailed invoices, and please check “I and my fellow co-authors are fully aware of and agree with the payment of the listed article processing fee should the manuscript be accepted for publication.” 
  • If you are not comfortable with temporarily temporarily entering in your information or checking the agreement for payment, or if you have ANY other issues with the submission site, you may alternatively email your paper, for full archival consideration (unless you indicate otherwise), to <> by the deadline. 


  • Submissions due March 25nd, 2019 April 1st, 2019 at 23:59:59 Anywhere on Earth (UTC-12).
  • Acceptances and comments will be given by April 12th, 2019. 
  • Final edits (camera-ready submission) are due April 22nd, 2019. 
  • The workshop is held in Munich, Germany on June 11th, 2019. Please consult the ICWSM site for information about travel, the venue (note: this workshop is in a different location than the main conference!), accommodation, and registration. Note that workshop registration is independent from the main conference. 

Publishing costs

Submissions are by standard procedures, which indicate costs. However, workshop paper authors will NOT have to pay for publishing. 

  1. If your institution has an institutional agreement with Frontiers, publishing costs are covered. 
  2. If your institution has general or grant support for Open Access fees, but does not have an institutional agreement with Frontiers, you will pay the normal publication fee and grants/your institution will cover the cost.
  3. If you do not have institutional support for Open Access:
    • By April 15, 2019 please complete the Waiver Application form online
    • While submittting this form, also contact the editorial office at <> and note your participation in ICWSM 2019. 

Frontiers will review and reply to the request within two weeks. Information about waiver applications are not disclosed to the editors or reviewers.


Online registration is now open, please see for details, and register at ICWSM Workshop registration is separate from registration from the main ICWSM conference, so attendees do not need to pay the conference costs if only attending the workshop. The following fees apply for workshop registration:
Regular: USD $75
Student: USD $50

We are exploring sponsorship to help cover costs for attendees outside of computer science.