Accessing Debate: Websites

Websites from a wide variety of governmental and civil society actors that debate constitutional revision, divided into the categories at the left

The Constitutional Revision in Japan Research Project has been collecting digital materials regarding constitutional revision in Japan since 2006. The project’s materials may be accessed in the Internet Archive ( 

Recognizing that other organizations, such as the National Diet Library of Japan, also archive materials relating to constitutional revision in Japan, this project takes a broad view of the issue, as a debate about what kind of society Japan is and should become. Therefore, the project seeks to identify a variety of governmental and non-governmental actors who involve themselves in this debate. The project particularly emphasizes civil society organizations and individuals.

Our materials are divided into the categories at the left, in recognition of their central contributions to debates on constitutional revision. Each category represents a number of organizations and individuals who address constitutional revision from distinctive perspectives. Click on a category to see the different organizations (or individuals). There are links for each one’s live site as well as archived site(s) in the Internet Archive (IA). Organizations that are also archived by the National Diet Library (NDL) include a tab linking to that material, which may be different from that found by accessing the site on the Internet Archive.

*The Edwin O. Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies, Harvard University, is constructing a site on Internet Archive for material on constitutional revision in Japan, but it is not yet complete. Users are advised not to use that site until this notification has been removed.