Business Groups

Keizai Dōyūkai | Japan Association of Corporate Executives 

This website states that the current constitution no longer conforms to today’s world. Dealing with foreign major disasters and terrorism, and protecting the international order will be essential to the protection of Japan’s prosperity and security. It should not hesitate to revise Article 9 in order to ensure its national security. Japan should also include articles for national emergency in its revised constitution; clarify the scope of citizens' rights; and discuss the process of constitutional revision. In 2003, Keizai Dōyūkai released 「憲法問題調査会意見書 自立した個人、自立した国たるために」(Japanese PDF) | [A Proposal for Constitutional Revision for Independent Individuals and Nation].      

Nihon Keizai Dantai Rengōkai | Keidanren


Keidanren is one of the largest three business groups in Japan; the others are the Japan Association of Corporate Executives (Keizai Dōyūkai/経済同友会) and the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Nihon Shōkō Kaigisho/日本商工会議所). Keidanren is composed of major companies in Japan and has been influential in politics, representing big business in Japan. This group has a long history of providing donations to the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP). Keidanren has occasionally made proposals regarding various political issues, including constitutional revision. They also published reviews of major political parties. The reviews have been a criteria for companies to decide to which party they provide donations.

Nihon Seinen Kaigisho | Junior Chamber International Japan


This group was founded in 1951 as the headquarters for Junior Chamber branches all over Japan. JCIJ is a part of Junior Chamber International (JCI). Composed of members aged 20-40, the group aims to encourage young people to work for creation of a better society by voluntarily working and making proposals for political matters.   

Kenpō Kaisei Suishin Iinkai

Constitutional discussion has been one of the political issues that the JCIJ has worked on. This committee aims to promote constitutional revision. This website provides the constitutional draft that the committee published in 2012 in a PDF file.   

Kenpō Yoron Kakuritsu Kaigi


JCIJ’s committee for constitutional revision started this conference in 2016, aiming to encourage discussion of the constitution. The conference organizes events and provides materials for constitutional discussion. This website provides some digitized materials, including JCIJ’s constitutional draft from 2012 and its summary handbook.   

Nihon Shōkō Kaigisho | Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

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This website states that Japan should respect the three principles of the current constitution: popular sovereignty, fundamental human rights, and pacifism but make the following revisions: add a sense of Japanese solidarity and identity to the Preamble; specify the right of self-defense and maintenance of the military; clarify the restriction of citizens' rights regarding public welfare; specify the development of local autonomous bodies; and nurture a sense of nationality among students through a revised Fundamental Law of Education.