Citizens' Groups

9-jō no Kai | Article 9 Association

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This website features one of the largest anti-constitutional revision associations in Japan. The association was founded in 2004, and has more than 5,000 branches and tens of thousands of supporters. Founders of the association include Oe Kenzaburo, Tsurumi Shinsuke, and Igami Hiroshi. It argues that advocates of constitutional revision intend for Japan to follow the United States and change Japan into a "war-waging country," and that the U.S. occupation of Iraq makes clear that resolution of conflict through force is unrealistic. Japan needs to develop ties of friendship with peoples of Asia and other regions and shift its diplomatic stance away from the priority on military alliance with the United States. The website collects short messages from scholars, lawyers, writers, and artists and also introduces updated activities, publications, and mail magazines sponsored by the association.

Abe 9-jō Kaiken NO! Zenkoku Shimin Akushon


This group aims to mobilize people for demonstrations against revision of Article 9 under the Abe administration, and is associated with other citizen’s groups such as Sensō Sasenai, 9-jō Kowasuna! Sōgakari Kōdō Jikkō Iinkai/戦争させない・9条壊すな!総掛かり行動実行委員会. This website collects signatures for petitions and contains information about anti-government demonstrations and poster design data for protests.  

Atarashii Kenpō o Tsukuru Kokumin Kaigi (Jishu Kenpō Seitei Kokumin Kaigi)


This group was founded in 1969, aiming to support a pro-constitutional revision group of lawmakers, Jishu Kenpō Kisei Giin Dōmei/自主憲法期成議員同盟 (currently Jishu Kenpō Seitei Giin Dōmei/自主憲法制定議員同盟), which was created in 1955. The main founder and first chairperson of this group was former Prime Minister Kishi Nobusuke. This website provides information about their conferences and publications, including articles by the current chairperson, Kiyohara Junpei, and the constitutional drafts that they have released. These publications are available in the “Archive (Ākaibu/アーカイブ)” tab on this website.

Atarashii Rekishi Kyōkasho o Tsukuru Kai | Japanese Society for History Textbook Revision 

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This group intends to make a textbook which makes young Japanese confident and proud of their country. It claims that some of the current history textbooks contain propaganda from Japan’s former enemies and treat Japan’s young generation as if they were 'destined to become criminals.' The website has PDF files in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese of excerpts from the revised history textbook that was adopted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. This textbook became a source of great controversy in South Korea, China, and Japan. Regarding the birth of the current Japanese constitution, the textbook states: " …[I]n February 1946, GHQ presented a draft of the Constitution, which had been written in about a week, to the Japanese government, insisting on a complete reconstruction of the Imperial Constitution. Government officials were shocked by the content of the GHQ’s draft. But they accepted it, fearing that the Emperor's status might be jeopardized if they did not" (History Textbook [online English PDF version], p. 59).

Ampohōsei no Haishi to Rikken Shugi no Kaifuku o Motomeru Shimin Rengō (Shimin Rengō)


This union (rengō) was founded in December 2015, calling for cancellation of the security bills that were approved in the Diet in September 2015. This group aims to encourage opposition parties to ally against the government by supporting candidates from opposition parties in general elections. This group is composed of several citizens’ groups, such as SEALDs, Save Constitutional Democracy Japan (Rikken Democrasī no Kai/立憲デモクラシーの会) and the Association of Scholars Opposed to the Security-related Laws (Anzen Hoshō Kanrenhō ni Hantai Suru Gakusha no Kai/安全保障関連法に反対する学者の会). This website provides information about their actions.  

Heiwa Fōramu 


This website is a large anti-revision, peace-seeking forum that publicizes anti-revision meetings, demonstrations, books, and articles. It also addresses the following issues: US army bases in East Asia and Okinawa; dispatching SDF troops to Iraq; history textbooks; and Japan's relations with South Korea. It contains links to other anti-revision organizations; schedules of meetings for both Houses' Research Commission on the Constitution, a list of members in the commissions, as well as a summary of comments made by people who spoke in the commissions' meetings.

Kenpō 9-jō Kōkoku Shien no Kai | Japan Alliance for Article 9 Advocacy Advertisement Support 

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The purpose of this organization is to raise funds from the public for advertisements and activities in order to preserve Article 9. It also supports numerous local anti-revision groups, including many branches of the Article 9 Association. The organization has raised more than 2.7 million yen. Its website contains few opinions on constitutional revision per se, but it contains some articles, news, and a summary of each political party's view regarding Article 9.

Kankyō Bunmei 21 | Japan Association of Environment and Society for the 21st Society

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This group has been focused on looking for a cooperative relationship between civilization and the environment since 1993. In 1999, they created a NGO, naming themselves “Kankyō Bunmei 21”. This association has published several versions of a proposal for a new constitutional clause based on environmental principles. This website provides their research products and policy proposals, including the proposal for a new constitutional clause that specifies principles of preservation of the earth’s environment. The constitutional proposal can be found on the “Policy Proposals (Seisaku Teigen/政策提言)” tab.  

Kenpō Bukai | [Subcommittee on the Constitution]


This association offers an original revision draft emphasizing the environment. In addition to the three principles in the current constitution (1. popular sovereignty, 2. fundamental human rights, 3. pacifism), a fourth principle—protection of the environment—should be added. It states that a new chapter devoted to the environment would be a vital part of the new constitution because the world economy is changing rapidly and because environmental problems are becoming a serious threat to humankind. It asserts that environmental restrictions are as essential as Article 9, and that this new chapter will be important for clarifying the concept of "public welfare." The association also suggests making changes to the Preamble to include the environment.

Kenpō Angya no Kai | Constitution Campaigners

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This website features very brief summaries of several anti-revision meetings, as well as statements from campaigners in this association. In the statements, the campaigners oppose constitutional revision, holding that the LDP seeks to restrict human rights and restore systems of privilege. For example, it claims that the emphasis on "public order" in revised articles 12 and 13 implies more restrictions on human rights; and that removing the 2nd clause of Article 9 will transform Japan into a militaristic country by people of privilege. The anti-revision meetings sponsored by this group have featured guest speakers such Kame Shizuka and Doi Takako.

Kenpō Kaigi Kenpō Kaiaku Soshi Kakkai Renraku Kaigi | Constitution Conference Preventing Constitutional Revision 

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The website features documents and the meeting minutes of such varied sources as newspapers, politicians, legal associations, and the Article 9 Association, all opposed to constitutional revision. The group's stated intent is to spread awareness about the constitution in order to prevent revision. The website also features many constitutional-revision-related articles from newspapers, periodicals, statements made by various groups, and reports submitted by several research commissions of the constitution. The website seeks to spread awareness about the constitution, build connections among the groups, and promote anti-revision movements.

Kenpō Shimin Fōramu 


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The website presents monthly reports summarizing the association's constitutional revision activities. It also contains a list of meetings and a summary of comments made in the meetings in the Research Commission on the Constitution of the House of Councillors. This association defines its role as the supervisor of the Research Commission on the Constitution of the House of Councillors.

Magajin 9 | Magazine 9


Aiming to provide information and knowledge for constitutional discussion, specifically focusing on pacifism and security issues attributed to Article 9, this website was started in 2005. This website project is composed of intellectuals, including Kang Sang-jung (political scientist) and Kayama Rika (psychiatrist). Most of the members are against revision of Article 9.  After its founding, this website has broadened its range of topics to deal with into other issues related to constitutionalism (Article 99) and right of life (Article 25) in the context of labor problems. This website provides all of its content, such as essays and demonstration information, for free.

Minkan Kenpō Rinchō | Citizens' Committee on 21st Century Japan & the Constitution 

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This committee was established to promote discussion on constitutional revision in order to advance more fruitful discussions in the Diet’s Constitution Committees. The website introduces the 8th Public Constitution Forum and states that Article 9 has been jeopardizing Japan’s national security. It argues that the 1st clause of Article 9 should be revised with clearer expression, and that the 2nd clause should be replaced with a clause specifying the SDF as Japan’s military force. The website also contains the results of public opinion polls that show public support for constitutional revision.

Nihon Pen Kurabu | Japan Centre of International P.E.N. 

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This website features statements by this association, including its opposition to the legalization of the national flag and anthem, the dispatch of SDF troops to Iraq, and a bill regarding a national referendum on constitutional revision. It claims that the restrictions imposed by the LDP and other parties on the media contravene freedom of speech. It also claims that prohibition of political activism on the constitution by educators and foreigners is a blatant strategy to suppress criticism of the ruling parties. 

Nippon Kaigi | Japan Conference

Japan Conference is Japan's largest conservative and patriotic political association. It is comprised of 248 members of the Diet, many scholars, a former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and many other influential people in various fields. It encourages constitutional revision, political support for Yasukuni Shrine, and revision of the Fundamental Law on Education. In its website, the group presents 12 short paragraphs in a Q&A form explaining why the Japanese need a new constitution. It also introduces five constitution forums the group has sponsored, along with summaries of comments made by the speakers in the forums. 

Utsukushii Nippon no Kenpō o Tsukuru Kokumin no Kai


This group was founded in 2014 to mobilize public opinion in favor of constitutional revision; here is a statement from the group’s establishment. This group is a sub-group of Nippon Kaigi. Miyoshi Tōru, an emeritus chairperson of Nippon Kaigi, is one of three co-directors of this group. The other two are a journalist, Sakurai Yoshiko, and an emeritus professor of Kyōrin University, Takubo Tadae. This group has collected signatures to create a network for constitutional revision throughout Japan. They argue for amending several parts of the constitution. For instance, they have pushed for Article 9 to certify the status of the SDF and for the constitution to protect “family” as a the basis of the nation and society.

Nippon no Kenkoku o Iwau Kai | The Committee to Celebrate Japan's National Foundation


Founded in 1987, this committee has urged the government to sponsor ceremonies to celebrate National Foundation Day, February 11th. During the Meiji period, it was recognized that, according to the Nihon Shoki (日本書紀), the first Japanese emperor (Jimmu) ascended to the throne on February 11th (converted from the original calendar system). They have organized ceremonies to mark the day throughout Japan every year. In 2017, they published a resolution to call for constitutional revision at the ceremony at Meiji Jingū Hall. The resolution is reachable here (from the website of Nippon Kaigi, which has worked with the committee).

Rikken Democrasī no Kai | Save Constitutional Democracy Japan


Shortly after the State Secrecy Law was approved under the Abe administration in October 2013, this group was founded by social science and humanities scholars, such as Higuchi Yōichi (Tokyo University), Yamaguchi Jirō (Hōsei University) and the late Okudaira Yasuhiro (Tokyo University). This group aims to prevent the Abe administration from “dismantling the constitution”. The group criticizes the Abe administration for becoming despotic by being the majority in the Diet and ignoring the Japanese people’s individual dignity and freedom. This website publishes their statements and information about their actions.

戦争をさせない1000人委員会 | Anti-war Committee of 1000

Senō o Sasenai 1000-nin Iinkai

This group was founded in 2014 by several intellectuals, such as Ōe Kenzaburō, Ochiai Keikoa and Kayama Rika. This group has worked to round up people to protest against the Abe administration. They have criticized the government for pushing their policies by dominating the Diet. They have opposed the State Secrecy Law and the revision of the constitution. This website provides their statements and information of their demonstrations.

Sensō Sasenai, 9-jō Kowasuna! Sōgakari Kōdō Jikkō Iinkai


This group is composed of three citizens’ groups which have developed an anti-Abe administration movement to protest against constitutional revision: Sensō o Sasenai 1000-nin Iinkai/戦争をさせない1000人委員会, Kaishaku de Kenpō 9-jō o Kowasuna!/解釈で憲法9条を壊すな!実行委員会 and Sensō Suru Kunizukuri Sutoppu! Kenpō o Mamori Ikasu Kyōdō Sentā/戦争する国づくりストップ!憲法を守り・いかす共同センター. This website collects signatures for petitions and mobilizes people for anti-government demonstrations.

Sensōsuru Kunizukuri Sutoppu Kenpō o Mamori Ikasu Kyōdō Sentā (Kenpō Kyōdō Sentā)

*Former name: 憲法改悪反対共同センター (Kenpō Kaiaku Hantai Kyōdō Sentā | Cooperative Center against Constitutional Revision )

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The website introduces opinions, meeting minutes, publications from major newspapers, and anti-revision associations in order to develop a popular political movement throughout the country. This website states that the United States, the LDP, and Nippon Keidanren intend to make Japan a "war-waging country" through revision of the constitution. It also states that the war in Iraq and the movement toward peace among the European Union and Asian countries point to the importance of Article 9.

Shimin Media Intānetto Shimbun | Japan Alternative News and New Cultures (JANJAN) 

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The website presents public opinion polls and surveys gathered since January 2003 on 
constitutional revision. It shows a high level of public opposition to revision, particularly of Article 9. For example, one of its articles introduces a survey in which 77% of a total sample of 28,169 people in 11 prefectures opposed changing Article 9; 12% approved revision; and 11% had no response. Other articles on the website introduce symposia, talk shows, and personal opinions regarding constitutional revision.

Shimin Rikken Fōramu | Citizens' Constitution Forum

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This website encourages Japanese citizens to consider and discuss the constitution, and seeks to provide the citizens with comprehensive information about the constitution. It presents its own draft for a new constitution by Ebashi Takashi, as well as translations of the constitution in Chinese and Korean. It also introduces recent news; citizens' constitutional forums; the revision movement of each political party; numerous academic theses about constitutional revision; an original glossary for the constitution; and a record of all meetings made by the Research Commission on the Constitution of the House of Councillors and of the House of Representatives. The website raises further issues such as citizens' rights and responsibilities; structural revision of prefectural governments; human rights; the right to privacy; environmental problems; and the national anthem.

Shimin to Kenpō Kenkyūsha o Muzubu Kenpō Mondai Web | JCA-Net: Linking Citizens and Scholars on Constitutional Issues

市民と憲法研究者をむすぶ 憲法問題Web
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The website introduces and sometimes offers the whole version of anti-revision articles and theses written by scholars, writers, and prefectural governors. The website also provides a very detailed summary of constitution-related events between 1991 and 2001.

Yurusuna! Kenpō Kaiaku Renrakukai


Founded in 1999, this organization has protested against constitutional revision. At the time this group was founded, they opposed new guidelines for the US-Japan Security Treaty that stretched the range of the SDF’s mission. This website provides information about their demonstrations, seminars and publications, including articles from their magazine, “[The Constitution and Me] (Watashi to Kenpō/私と憲法)”.