Labor Groups

Nihon Jichitai Rōdō Kumiai Sōrengō 

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This association does not state any original view regarding constitutional revision, but claims it is an advocate of the Article 9 Association, which opposes revision. The website introduces related news and proposes a detailed and complex charter for reform of prefectural governments and local autonomous bodies.

Nihon Kyōshokuin Kumiai (Nikkyōso) | Japan Teacher's Union (e-station)


This union was founded in 1947 when three separate teachers unions combined to become the dominant teachers’ union in Japan. Since its establishment, the union has worked on anti-war movements, using the slogan “we will never send our students to any battlefields”.  They have been opposed to constitutional revision and urged Japan to keep the “Peace Constitution,” which stipulates the denunciation of war in Article 9. As for the security bills in 2015, the union protested the government, associating with other anti-war citizens’ groups, such as Rengō Heiwa Fōramu (連合・平和フォーラム),Anti-War Committee of 1000/Sensō o Sasenai 1000-nin Iinkai (戦争をさせない1000人委員会) and Rikken Fōramu (立憲フォーラム). They argued that Japan would participate in wars under security legislation that would allow Japan to exercise its collective self-defense right. Their statements and resolutions are available on the website.

Nihon Rōdō Kumiai Rengōkai (Rengō) | Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengō)


Founded in 1989, Rengō is the largest national trade union in Japan and was originally composed of several labor unions, including socialists’ groups. In 2015, Rengō published a statement to criticize the government for pushing the security bills. Since its foundation, Rengō has officially supported non-LDP and non-JCP (Japanese Communist Party) parties, such as the Social Democratic Party, the Democratic Party of Japan, and as of 2019, the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan or the Democratic Party of the People - Rengō has vacillated between the CDP and DPP (see a related article here). Also, Rengō Tokyo supported a LDP candidate in the Tokyo gubernatorial election in 2014.

Tokyo Jichitai Rōdō Kumiai Sōrengō 

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This association is an advocate of the Article 9 Association and opposes the revision of Article 9. It opposes the LDP revision draft especially from a local autonomy perspective. It has even established an anti-constitutional corruption department (東京自治労連憲法改悪阻止闘争本部). The association supports the current constitution (especially Article 9), and focuses on the relationship between the constitution and local authority.

Zenkoku Rōdō Kumiai Sōrengō (Zenrōren) | Zerōren


Zenrōren is a national trade union founded in 1989 by labor groups that opposed being affiliated with specific political parties. Protesting against the Abe administration’s proposal to revise the constitution, Zenrōren has organized anti-government demonstrations and collected protesters’ signatures; information about their project for preservation of the constitution is available on their website.