Legal Organizations

Asu no Jiyū o Mamoru Wakate Bengoshi no Kai


Aiming to publicize the problems of the constitutional draft that the Liberal Democratic Party published in 2012, this group was founded in 2013 by 28 lawyers. According to the website, the group reached 100 members in the first two months after its foundation, and now approximately 600 lawyers belong to this group. They have worked on the “Kenpō Cafe” project, a project to organize seminars to discuss the constitution. They accept requests to dispatch participating lawyers to places throughout Japan. The information about the “Kenpō Cafe” project is available on the website.

Jiyū Hōsōdan | Japan Lawyers Association for Freedom (JLAF) 

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This association was established in 1921 with the purpose of "ensuring fundamental human rights, strengthening democracy, and contributing to the creation of a peaceful, independent, and democratic Japan." The members include 1,657 attorneys (as of September 2006), and there are 38 branches throughout the country. The association states that the LDP intends to corrupt Article 9 and support the United States' self-interested wars under the name of "international cooperation." The LDP abuses its financial and political power to influence the mass media and education, and promotes a biased image of constitutional revision. The site contains many official statements and resolutions against constitutional revision and related issues.

Nihon Bengoshi Rengōkai | Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA)

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The website features the national association of attorneys who uphold Article 9 and oppose its revision. This association also respects the three principles in the current constitution: popular sovereignty, fundamental human rights, and pacifism. The association states, however, that it adopts a neutral position regarding constitutional revision and supports discussions about the constitution undergoing change.

Nihon Minshu Hōritsuka Kyōkai | Japan Democratic Lawyers Association (JDLA)

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Founded in 1961, this association is composed mostly of lawyers. The association states that the LDP draft for constitutional revision published in 2015 violates the principles of pacifism, human rights, and social welfare. The association publishes statements on many related issues (such as the PKO cooperation law and the SDF dispatch to Iraq), and these are available on the website. Other topics include the relationship between the Diet and Cabinet, citizens' rights and responsibilities, a preamble, and public welfare. Most of the association's articles are published in its magazine – "Law and Democracy (法と民主主義)."