Veterans' Organizations

Jieitai Kazokukai


This association is comprised of families of SDF personnel. Aiming to support SDF personnel and their families, this group was founded in 1976. They have several branches throughout Japan and print a newsletter, “Oyabato”, which provides information about the SDF’s activities and endorses them. This association has also published an annual paper about the SDF and Japanese security, “Defense World”. According to this paper, this group calls for constitutional revision, especially of Article 9, to remove suspicion that the SDF is “unconstitutional” under the current constitution. They aim for a situation where SDF personnel can devote themselves to serving with pride and motivation. Here is a chapter about the constitution from “Defense World”, published in 2018: 「憲法と自衛隊」『Defense World 18』(Japanese: PDF). “Oyabato” and  “Defense World” are both available as PDFs on this website.

Jieitai o Ikasu Kai

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Founded in 1877, this group is comprised of retired generals of the Imperial Japanese Army and the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. Their monthly magazine, “偕行 (Kaikō)”, contains articles about security and military history by members; some articles are related to constitutional revision, mainly focusing on Article 9. Generally, members call for revision of Article 9 in their articles. The magazine’s articles are reachable here.  

Nihon Gōyū Renmei


After World War II, soldiers who served for the Armed Forces of the Empire of Japan combined several smaller soldier groups to a single Japan-wide organization. After some reorganization, “Nihon Gōyū Renmei” became the official name for the organization in 1956. This group criticizes the ineffectiveness of the Constitution of Japan and calls for constitutional revision. In 2015, this organization jointly published a book with Kaikōsha (偕行社), a group of retired generals from the Imperial Japanese Army and the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force. In the book, they criticize the current constitution for lacking sufficient support of national defense and call for revision of Article 9. Here is information on the book. This group has supported PM Abe and some lawmakers who started their career from the SDF. This websites contains members’ articles and information about their activities.



Aiming to enhance mutual friendship among retired and on-active-service personnel from the Imperial Japanese Navy and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, this group was founded in 1952. Research about ocean security is a main part of this group’s activities. This group has printed a quarterly magazine in which members write about security issues, including the security bills in 2015; some of the articles are available here. This group has also published an annual policy proposal with Taiyūkai (隊友会), Kaikōsha (偕行社), and Tsubasakai (つばさ会) since 2016. The policy proposal demands that the constitution be revised to specify the status of “National Defense Forces (国防軍)”. The annual policy proposal is reachable here (from Tsubasakai’s website).



Founded in 1960, this group is mainly composed of retired SDF peronnels. This group calls for constitutional revision. One of their main demands is specifying the status of the SDF in Article 9. This group has also collected signatures from people who are in favor of constitutional revision associated with Nippon Kaigi, the biggest pro-constitutional revision group.



This group was founded in 1965 as an organization for retired personnel from the Japan Air Self-Defense Force. This group has jointly published an annual policy-demand paper with Taiyūkai (隊友会), Kaikōsha (偕行社), and Suikōkai (水交会) since 2016. The paper proposes that the government specify the status of “National Defense Forces (国防軍)” in Article 9. Their annual policy proposal is reachable here.

Zenkoku Bōei Kyōkai | All Japan Defense Association


Aiming to support the SDF and raise people’s awareness of the necessity of defense, this association was founded in 1989. This group has supported constitutional revision, they welcomed PM Abe’s indication that he will aim for constitutional revision in 2020. Their annual policy proposals are available here. They also publish their research papers on this website. For example, the theme for their 2016 research papers is “日本国憲法と自衛隊 [The Constitution of Japan and the Self-Defense Forces]”. The research papers are partially reachable here.