Women's Groups

Anzen Hoshō Kanrenhō ni Hantai Suru Mama no Kai | Mothers against War


This group was founded by mothers in Kyoto in July 2015, aiming to protest the security bills that were approved in the Diet in September 2015. Their movement has grown to have groups throughout Japan and in Singapore. This website provides information about their demonstrations, statements and speeches. Facebook pages of local branches are reachable from the branch list on this website under the “About us (Watashitachi ni Tsuite/わたしたちについて)” tab.

Fujin Minshu Kurabu 


This group was originally founded in 1946 by women, including famous proletarian literature writer Miyamoto Yuriko. After several splits and renamings, this group officially renamed themselves “Fujin Minshu Kurabu/婦人民主クラブ” to mark the 60th anniversary of the foundation. Since 1946, this group has worked on the peace movement and has opposed constitutional revision. This website contains information about their actions, such as group statements and event information.
Kenpō Bukai | [Subcommittee on the Constitution]
This group has several subcommittees on specific issues, and one of them specializes on the constitution. This subcommittee has seminars about the constitution and organizes anti-constitutional revision demonstrations. The “Bukai no Katsudō/部会の活動” link has information about the subcommittee’s activities.

Kokusai Fujinnen Renrakukai | International Women's Year Liaison Group 


While the first World Conference on Women was being held in Mexico in 1975, this women’s group started in Japan aiming for an equal society. This group started a commission on the constitution and has opposed revision of the constitution. This website contains information about their seminars and conferences. Their reports and petitions submitted to the government are also available on the website.

Nihon Fujin Dantai Rengōkai | Japan Federation of Women's Organizations


Founded in 1953, many women’s organization have associated with this federation. The first chairperson was one of the well-known first generation Japanese feminists, Hiratsuka Raiteu (Raichō). This group has called for emancipation of women and children’s happiness. In this context, they have opposed constitutional revision. This website contains information about their activities, including their seminars and publications. The Women's Association on the Constitution (Josei no Kenpōnen Renrakukai/女性の憲法年連絡会) is one of the groups that associates with this group.

Shin Nihon Fujin no Kai | New Japan Women's Association


This association was founded in 1962 by female activists and intellectuals, such as Iwasaki Chihiro (children’s book writer) and Nogami Yaeko (novelist). This group has developed a grassroots movement concerning world peace, protection of the environment and people’s health. Their network has spread all over Japan and there are branches in each prefecture. They have opposed constitutional revision and called for voting out the Abe cabinet. In addition to information about their activities, this website provide flyers and poster designs to organize people for demonstrations.