Business Groups

03/11/20 MU

Keizai Dōyūkai


2002: Report
「憲法問題調査会活動報告書」(Japanese: Live Site/Archived Site/PDF
2003: Statement
「憲法問題調査会意見書 自立した個人、自立した国たるために」(Japanese: Live Site/Archived Site/PDF) | [A Proposal for Constitutional Revision for Independent Individuals and the Nation] 

Nihon Keizai Dantai Rengōkai | Keidanren


2005: Statements
「わが国の基本問題を考える」(Japanese: Live Site/Archived Site /PDF) | [Thinking about Fundamental Issues of Our Country]
2017:  Statement
週刊経団連タイムス「憲法改正について」(Japanese: Live Site/Archived Site) | [Concerning Constitutional Revision] 
2017: Statement
週刊経団連タイムス「憲法改正の発議」(Japanese: Live Site/Archived Site) | [A Proposal for Constitutional Revision] 

Nihon Seinen Kaigisho | Junior Chamber International Japan


2012: Full Draft
「日本国憲法草案」 (Japanese: PDF) | [A Draft for the Amendment of the Constitution of Japan]

Nihon Tokyo Shōkō Kaigisho | The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry


2004: Statement
「憲法改正についての意見=中間取りまとめ=」(Japanese: PDF) | [Opinions on Constitutional Revision: Interim Guidelines]