Debating Japan’s Constitution: On the Streets, In Parliament, and In the Region


Friday, November 3, 2017, 12:30pm to 6:00pm


Belfer Case Study Room S020, Japan Friends of Harvard Concourse, CGIS South Bldg., 1730 Cambridge St.



Panel 1 : Regional Perspectives on Japan’s Constitutional Debates

Moderator: Franziska SERAPHIM, Associate Professor of History, Boston College

Yoshihide SOEYA, Professor of International Relations, Keio University
“Constitutional Revision and Article Nine: Implications for Japan’s Security Policy and Foreign Relations”

Discussant: Sheila SMITH, Senior Fellow for Japanese Studies, Council on Foreign Relations

Break (Japan Friends of Harvard Concourse)



Panel 2: Popular Sovereignty and Civic Activism

Moderator: Alexis DUDDEN, Professor of History, University of Connecticut

Keigo KOMAMURA, Professor of Law, Vice President, Keio University
“The Fate of Article 9—Political Strategy, Civic Activism, and the Promise of Constitutionalism”

Kōichi NAKANO, Professor of Political Science, Sophia University
“Crisis of Constitutional Democracy and the New Civil Society Activism in Japan: From SEALDs to Civil Alliance”

Sungmoon KIM, Professor of Political Theory, City University of Hong Kong
“Good Government and Constitutional Jurisprudence in South Korea: The Recent Case of the President’s Impeachment”

Discussant: Ingu HWANG, Korea Foundation Visiting Assistant Professor of International Studies, Boston College

Break (Japan Friends of Harvard Concourse)



Panel 3: Legality and Legitimacy in East Asian Constitutionalism

Moderator: Timothy GEORGE, Professor of History, University of Rhode Island

Weitseng CHEN, Assistant Professor of Law, National University of Singapore
“Authoritarian Legality and Its Transition in Asia”

Christian WINKLER, Lecturer, Hokkaido University
“The Amendment Debate Through Public Eyes”

Discussant: Mari MIURA, Professor of Political Science, Sophia University



Wrap-up Session




Reception (Japan Friends of Harvard Concourse)

This international conference is organized by the Constitutional Revision in Japan Research Project at the Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies at Harvard University and is co-sponsored by the Asia Center, Harvard-Yenching Institute, and Reischauer Institute.