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Aozora Bunko


This is an online library that mainly provides texts of books with expired copyrights. Some significant books related to the Constitution of Japan are available. One of them is a textbook for middle-school social studies that was published by the Ministry of Education, 『あたらしい憲法のはなし』/ “[A Story of the New Constitution] (Japanese: Live Site)”. The government explained its interpretation of the constitution in easy language in 1947. You can reach materials via keyword search, by typing for example “憲法”, in the Google search bar included on the website.

Bunkachō Bunka Isan Dētabēsy

Agency for Cultural Affairs, Cultural Heritage Database

文化庁 文化遺産データベ-ス

This is the official website of the Agency for Cultural Affairs, the Japanese government agency that is in charge of preserving Japanese cultural and historical art. This database contains digitized versions of artifacts of Japanese heritage. For instance, it includes digitized visions of color prints depicting the celebration ceremony of the promulgation of the Meiji Constitution.


The Comparative Constitutions Project maintains this website. Users can access texts of constitutions all over the world in English with this website. One of the noticeable functions that this website provides is keyword search over multiple constitutions. For example, you can easily find descriptions about a specific concept, such as “human rights”, in several different constitutions.  

Gaimushō, Gaikō Shiryōkan | Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

外務省 外交史料館

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (MOFA) has compiled its documents, which date to the final days of the Tokugawa regime (bakumatsu/幕末), in this archive. This archive is open to the public. The archive has also published a book collection of 『日本外交文書』/ “Documents on Japanese Foreign Policy”, edited by MOFA. The book contains typed out and printed version of the documents. The collection contains documents from after the Meiji Restoration, and MOFA has continuously published new volumes. In February 2018, the edition for the Occupation Period was printed. Vol. 3 in the edition includes documents on the legislation process of the Constitution of Japan (post-war constitution).

Nihon Gaikō Monjo Dejitaru Ākaibu | Digital Archive of Documents on Japanese Foreign Policy  


The collection of『日本外交文書』/ “Documents on Japanese Foreign Policy” is available online. In order to reach the volume containing the document related the legislation process of the Constitution of Japan, follow the links below. 「日本外交文書デジタルアーカイブ 巻号一覧」/ “[The List of Volumes and Issues]” (Japanese) > 『日本外交文書』占領期全3巻 / “[Documents on Japanese Foreign Policy: the Occupation Period]” vol. 3 (Japanese)  

Hōgakukan Kenpō Kenkyūjo, Kenpō Bunken Dētabēsu

Japan Institute of Law

法学館憲法研究所 憲法分権データベース

This website is run by the Japan Institute of Constitutional Law, which was founded by a lawyer, Itō Makoto, in 2002. This database aims to help site visitors find books and articles related to the Japanese constitution via keyword search.

Hōmushō Nihon Hōrei Gaikokugoyaku Dētabēsu Shisutemu

Ministry of Justice, Japanese Law Translation

法務省 日本法令外国語訳データベースシステム

This website is operated by the Ministry of Justice and provides a database of English translations of Japanese laws. According to the website, the translation is for the sake of convenience, and some of the translations are not officially approved.

Hōseishi Gakkai

Japan Legal History Association 


Japanese Archived Site (closed in 2015)
Japanese (Journal Article Search)
This is an official website of the "Japan Legal History Association," an organization dedicated to promoting scholarly exchange among researchers of legal history. The website does not contain much information regarding constitutionalism but instead has a bibliography of constitution-related books that can be accessed by inputting "憲法" in its search bar.

Kokuritsu Kōbunshokan Dejitaru Ākaibu Shisutemu

National Archives of Japan, Digital Archive System

国立公文書館 デジタルアーカイブシステム

This website contains an archive of official government documents as well as descriptions of books owned by the Cabinet Library. The website presents many digitized images of large-sized or colorful materials, including some images of Important Cultural Properties (重要文化財). It also contains a large number of documents in English.

Kokuritsu Kōbunshokan Ajia Shiryō Sentā

National Archives of Japan, Japan Center for Asian Historical Records

国立公文書館 アジア資料センター

This website has scans of legal documents from the collections of the National Archives of Japan (国立公文書館), the Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (外務省外交史料館) and the National Institute for Defense Studies (防衛庁防衛研究所戦史研究センター). Its catalog includes documents from the Meiji period until the end of World War II.

Kokuritsu Kokkai Toshokan

National Diet Library


The National Diet Library's online database provides an extensive collection of books, periodicals, electronic resources, Japanese & Chinese old materials, doctoral dissertations, maps, and audiovisual materials. It also contains a database of Asian language books in Chinese, Korean, Mongolian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Malaysian acquired in and after 1986. The website is especially suitable for researching documents regarding the constitution published in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The website is also available in English.

Kokuritsu Kokkai Toshokan Refarensu Kyōdō Dētabēsu

National Diet Library, Collaborative Reference Database

国立国会図書館 レファレンス協同データベース

This website is a database organized by the National Diet Library, associated with libraries all over Japan. It aims to provide site visitors with a database of collections of public, university, secondary school and special libraries in Japan.

Kokuritsu Kokkai Toshokan Dejitaru Korekushon

National Diet Library Digital Collection

国立国会図書館 デジタルコレクション

This website contains digitized resources from the collection of the National Diet Library, including pieces related to the post-war occupation of Japan. The digital collection also provides various copyright-expired publications, including books and journals.

Kokuritsu Kokkai Toshokan Teikoku Gikai Kaigiroku Kensaku Shisutemu

National Diet Library, Imperial Diet Record Search System

国立国会図書館 帝国議会会議録検索システム  

The website has a search engine for Diet proceedings written between September 1946 and March 1947. It features debates among members of the Diet discussing Japan's postwar constitution. Users can conduct searches based on keywords, speaker's names, dates, and the House in which the proceedings were recorded. The proceedings are written in old Japanese. This website also contains links to 1) the Search Engine for Diet Proceedings, 2) the Search Engine for Japanese Ordinances, and 3) the National Diet Library's online exhibition, "Birth of the Constitution of Japan."

Kokuritsu Kokkai Toshokan Kokkai Kaigiroku Kensaku Shisutemu

National Diet Liberay, Diet Record Search System

国立国会図書館 国会会議録検索システム

This website contains a search engine dedicated to Diet Proceedings. Users can search for proceedings made in and after May 1947 based on keywords, speaker's names, dates, and the House in which the proceedings were recorded. Users can search for comments regarding constitutional revision made, for example, by former Prime Minister Koizumi by inputting "小泉 (Koizumi)" in the speaker-column, and "憲法改正 (constitutional revision)" in the words-column.  Statements made by Members of the Diet on a range of issues can be accessed easily.

Kokubungaku Kenkyū Shiryōkan

National Institute of Japanese Literature


This website provides a list of databases for Japanese literature studies. For example, one of the database is a collection of historical figures’ visions (歴史人物画像データベース), which contains contemporary photos and illustrations of historical figures.

TANAKA Akihiko Kenkyūshitsu, Dētabēsu Sekai to Nihon

TANAKA Akihiko, National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), "The World and Japan" Database Project

政策研究大学院大学(GRIPS) 田中明彦研究室 データベース世界と日本 
Japanese | English
This website, provided by the Institute of Oriental Culture at Tokyo University, offers a searchable database of significant historical and diplomatic documents produced in the postwar period. The documents are categorized according to topic and in chronological order. However, the website offers little information pertinent to the constitution or constitutional revision.