Nihon Koku Kenpō | The Constitution of Japan (Postwar Constitution)

Kokuritsu Kokkai Toshokan, Nihonkoku Kenpō no Tanjō 

National Diet Library, Online Exhibition: Birth of the Constitution of Japan

国立国会図書館 日本国憲法の誕生 

This online exhibition project, sponsored by the National Diet Library, focuses exclusively on the origin of the current constitution. It features brief descriptions and profiles of people and institutions that contributed to the establishment of the Constitution of Japan. It also provides a short introduction to each historical event that took place in 1946. The website has many high-resolution images of documents related to the birth of the current constitution. The website is easy to navigate and is also available in English.

Kokuritsu Kokkai Toshokan, Ishū Burīfu "Omona Nihonkoku kenpō kaisei shian oyobi teigen"

National Diet Library, Issue Brief [Main Tentative Drafts and Proposals for Constitutional Revision]

国立国会図書館 Issue Brief「主な日本国憲法改正試案及び提言」

This website contains a sixteen page report (in PDF format) made by the National Diet Library on fifteen different drafts on constitutional revision. Three of the drafts are made by political parties, three by governors, and nine by institutes, associations, and private companies. The table is clear and concise, providing a quick overview of what each draft is proposing for the new constitution. This report includes constitutional drafts published between January 2001 and February 2005.
This report is a continuation of Issue Brief No. 474. It contains constitutional drafts released from March 2005 to November 2005.


Kokuritsu Kōbun Shokan, Ajia Rekish Shiryō Sentā, Topics: "Nihonkoku Kenpō"

National Archives of Japan,  Japan Center Asian Historical Records, Topics: The Constitution of Japan 

国立公文書館 アジア歴史資料センター トピックス:「日本国憲法」

This website provides primary materials from Japan’s Asian Historical Records (National Archives of Japan) related to the Constitution of Japan. The catalog includes the original copy of the Postwar Constitution.

NHK (Nihon Hōsō Kyōkai), Nihonkoku Kenpō 70-nen, Minna no Kenpō

NHK, Nihonkoku Kenpō 70-nen, Minna no Kenpō

NHK日本国憲法70年 みんなの憲法

This website was founded by NHK to mark the 70th anniversary of the enactment of the Constitution of Japan. NHK has regularly updated the site, periodically uploading significant news related to constitutional discussion (as of January 2018). The website also includes detailed results of a poll related to the constitution that NHK conducted in 2016.

Nihon Interijensu Kenkyūjo, 20-seiki Media Jōhō Dēta Bēsu

Institute of Intelligence Studies, Japan, [20th Century Media Information Database]

日本インテリジェンス研究所 20世紀メディア情報データベース

This database was founded by the Institute of Intelligence Studies of Japan in 2012. The institute is a nonprofit organization, and its chairperson is a historian, Yamamoto Taketoshi. Yamamoto had led a project group to make a database of articles of magazines and newspapers during the postwar occupation period from 2000 to 2012. After 2012, the Institute of Intelligence Studies succeeded the committee and continued developing the database. Among other things, the database contains information about the microfilms of the Gordon W. Prange Collection of Maryland University Library, which is a collection of Japanese materials that the pot-war GHQ intended to censor. Copies of these microfilms are available at several university and public libraries, in addition to the National Diet Library.    

Senkyōki Zasshi Kiji Jōhō Dēta Bēsu (closed)

Committee for the preservation of magazines published during the Occupation 

Japanese Archived Site
This website is a database of a large collection (more than 7,300 titles) of magazines, newspapers and books published in Japan during the post-war occupation period from 1945 to 1949. Many of the publications are stored in a repository at the University of Maryland, and cannot be found in libraries in Japan. (However, the National Diet Library in Japan and the University of Maryland are currently under a joint project to microfilm this collection. The website provides useful descriptions of the collected publications, but not their contents. After 2012, the Institute of Inteligence Studies of Japan took over the database project. After this. the datebase moved to a new website. 

MacArthur Memorial Library & Archives
This is part of the official website of the MacArthur Memorial Museum in Norfolk, Virginia. The museum archives have several pictures of MacArthur and some good materials on the writing of the Japanese Constitution.

Nippon Zaidan, "Watashi wa Kō Kangaeru: Kenpō Kaisei ni Tsuite" (Nippon Zaidan Toshokan)

Nippon Foundation, [Online Library: My Thoughts about Constitutional Revision] (Nippon Foundation Library)


This website, maintained by the Nippon Foundation, presents its collection of more than 550 harvested articles regarding constitutional revision. The articles are collected from 1946 to 2003, from four major Japanese newspapers, as well as articles written by many influential governors and scholars. The articles are listed in a chronological order and are sorted by the name of newspaper and by author.

Shimbun Tsūshin Chōsakai

Japan Press Research Institute


In 1947, this institute was founded with funds from Dōmei News Agency (Dōmei Tsushin), which was the official news agency of the Empire of Japan. Aiming to promote press enterprises, the institute has published a monthly journal, “Media Tembō”, organized exhibitions and seminars, and held opinion polls, including polls about media reports on constitutional discussion (see here). One of the institute’s projects, the digital archives of publications by Dōmei News Agency, is available here.

Shimbun Tsūshin Chōsakai, Shashinten "Kenpō to Ikita Sengo: Shikō 70-nen"

Japan Press Research Institute, Online Photographic Exhibition  [The Constitution and Postwar Japan: 70 years after the Enforcement]

新聞通信調査会 「憲法と生きた戦後〜施行70年」

Japanese (closed) | Archived Site
This was the website of a photographic exhibition marking the 70th anniversary of the first enforcement of the Constitution of Japan, organized by the Japan Press Research Institute. News photographs and chronological tables displayed at the exhibition are reachable on the website. Although the website is closed as of 2019, the contents are available on the archived website (see link above).

YOSHIZAKI Noburio, Himeji University, " Constitutional Law" (closed in 2016)

姫路大学 吉崎暢洋 Constitutional Law - 日本国憲法に関するリンクとノート類のページ
Japanese Archived Site
This is a website created by Professor Nobuhiro Yoshizaki of Himeji Dokkyo University. The website contains some valuable links to documents such as the MacArthur Draft of the current constitution (in English), many abolished Japanese laws (including 治安維持法), international treaties, foreign constitutions, and historically significant laws and publications.