One of early modern Europe's most important epic poems is T. Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered. Tasso's poem is a reinvention of Godfrey de Bouillon's deeds during the first crusade, an epic poem on loyalty, love, magic, and bravery that was translated into many languages. Gerusalemme Liberata heavily influenced popular ideas of the crusades and provided rich material for artists and writers searching for medieval themes. Authors such as Sir Walter Scott drew inspiration from Tasso's work. The famous iconographical theme Tancred and Erminia drew inspiration from Tasso's poem. HAM has some wonderful scenes from the story of Tancred and Erminia. Aside from poetry, literature, and visual arts, significant innovations such as the astrolabe and sugar are seldom highlighted and celebrated as imports from the Islamic world in the context of the crusades. Their introduction to European culture forever changed travel (astrolabe), diet, and taste!