Course information

Location: Pierce 301 (SEAS)
Meeting Time: Tuesday, Thursday 12pm – 1:15pm
Instructors: Elena Glassman and Krzysztof Gajos

Course Description: The course covers skills and techniques necessary to design innovative interactive products that are useful, usable and that address important needs of people other than yourself. You will learn how to uncover needs that your customers cannot even articulate. You will also learn a range of design principles, effective creativity-related practices, and techniques for rapidly creating and evaluating product prototypes. You will also have several opportunities to formally communicate your design ideas to a variety of audiences. You will complete two large team-based design projects.

Prerequisites: CS 50 or some previous programming experience is encouraged.

Joining the Course

This class will be lotteried. To enter the lottery, you will need to

  1. attend at least one full class during shopping period;
  2. fill out the enrollment survey; 
  3. complete Homework 0.

The enrollment survey and Hw 0 will be posted prior to the first class.

We welcome students from all concentrations and backgrounds. 

Major Changes From Last Year

This year, no programming will be required for final projects. Instead, teams will spend more time refining and prototyping their designs using tools like Axure. However, we may devote a few lectures (and perhaps some individual homeworks) to learning and practicing key concepts relevant for programming interactive applications.