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Design-related Books That We Have Found Valuable

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  • Don Norman, The Design of Everyday Things, Revised, Expanded edition 2013.
    This little book is a classic work on usability, not just of computer interfaces but also of physical objects like doors, showers, and stoves. Full of great anecdotes, plus theory about how users form models in their heads and how users make errors. Belongs on every engineer's shelf.
  • Nielsen, Usability Engineering, Academic Press, 1993.
    Somewhat dated but still useful handbook for discount usability engineering, covering many of the evaluation techniques we'll be learning in this class.
  • Mullet & Sano, Designing Visual Interfaces, Prentice Hall, 1995.
    A terrific guide to graphic design, chock full of examples, essential principles, and practical guidelines. Many programmers have a fear of graphic design. This book won't teach you everything -- it still pays to hire a designer! -- but it helps get over that fear and do a competent job of it yourself.