Formal course description

Course Number: COMPSCI  96

Course Title: System Design Projects

Course Description: Cooperative formative research, design, development, and testing of a sizable and realistic sociotechnical system, i.e., a solution to a real-world problem that includes both technical and human components. Students work as a team with a client on a real-world open-ended problem, and gain experience in Computer Science (problem definition, software development, iterative design), and in other fields relevant to the problem. Both student participation in the classroom and effective teamwork outside the classroom are stressed. The specific challenge for Fall 2020 to reimagine civic engagement during and after the pandemic.

Meeting time: MW 1:30 - 2:45pm

Location: Zoom -- see Canvas site for meeting details

Course Instructor: Krzysztof Gajos

Teaching Fellow: Zana Buçinca

Enrollment: 15

Enrollment Limit: Limited Enrollment -- the class is now full and we are not able to accept any more applications

Instructor Consent: Instructor Consent Required

Course Notes: Course is enrollment-limited by application

Recommended Prep: This course is primarily intended for juniors and seniors. Students from any field of study are welcome, though some prior exposure to CS is helpful.