Working with Bibb County

Harvard University’s Computer Science 96 Project: Teacher Advocacy in Bibb County

Who we are: 

A group of Harvard students and a computer science professor working on a semester-long project to give teachers more voice in the education policy creation process.

Why we are interested in Bibb County (Macon, GA): 

We want our project to specifically decrease inequities in the education system and are hoping to pick a Title I school that is under resourced. We are also aware that teacher unions and advocacy groups are not as prevalent in the Bibb County community.  Our goal is to help under resourced areas serve their students better by starting with teachers. We want to help increase teacher advocacy in the Middle Georgia area. We specifically chose Bibb County because one of our own members (Auriel Wright) is a community member and has a personal interest in improving the education system for the community members she grew up with.

How We Work:

The plan is to host three phases of work over the next 6 weeks: research phase (3 weeks), solution ideation(1 week), and deployment (2 weeks)

  • Research Phase:

    • Each group of researchers will interview a Bibb County stakeholder  (teachers, students/parents, board members/superintendent, and school administration)  group and act as a “consultant” to gather information on their piece of the teacher advocate problem so everyone can get a better understanding of the problem and the moving pieces of teacher advocacy we need to solve.

  • Solution Phase:

    • Teachers, board members, students, and administrators will be invited to hear our researcher’s pitch of their findings and potential solutions as we work through finding a realistic solution for Bibb County. 

  • Deployment Phase:

    • Work with Bibb County stakeholders to try and deploy a solution for teacher advocacy or deliver the research findings in a manner that the county can use to inform decision making