Course notes

Disclaimer: The following notes below are provided as-is in the form that was used when taking each of the courses. There are likely to be mistakes and typographic errors in the Class Notes, which were typed on the fly while straining to keep up with the Caltech fire hose. Please contact Daniel if and when you find serious conceptual or equation errors. He will likely buy you a coffee if in the area.


Higher 3 Physics (JC2/Year 12)

Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education, Notes created: 2010

PDF: List of useful definitions

Physics Olympiad (JC2/Year 12)

Asian Physics Olympiad and International Physics Olympiad, Notes created: 2010

PDF: Useful formulae

Introduction to Electrodynamics

An essential textbook by David J. Griffiths, Notes created: 2013

PDF: Summary of electrodynamics

Calculus of One and Several Variables (Caltech Ma 1a, Fall 2013-2014)

PDF: Ma1a summary sheet

Linear Algebra (Caltech Ma 1b, Winter 2013-2014)

PDF: Class notes

PDF: Theorems and definitions

Multivariable Calculus (Caltech Ma 1c, Spring 2013-2014)

PDF: Class notes

Introductory Methods of Applied Mathematics (Caltech ACM 95abc, 2014-2015)

PDF: ACM95a Theorems

PDF: ACM95a Class Notes

PDF: ACM95b Theorems

PDF: ACM95c Theorems

PDF: ACM95b Class Notes

Differential Equations (Caltech Ma 2, Fall 2014-2015)

PDF: Theorems

PDF: Class Notes

Probability and Statistics (Caltech Ma 3, Winter 2014-2015)

PDF: Theorems

Vibrations and Waves (Caltech Ph 12a, Fall 2014-2015)

PDF: Class Notes

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics (Caltech Ph 12b, Winter 2014-2015)

PDF: Equations

PDF: Class Notes

Statistical Mechanics (Caltech Ph 12c, Spring 2014-2015)

PDF: Equations

PDF: Class Notes

Feedback and Control Circuits (Caltech EE113, Spring 2014-2015)

PDF: Class Notes

Classical Mechanics (Caltech Ph 106abc, 2015-2016)

PDF: Ph106a Equations

PDF: Ph106a Class Notes

PDF: Ph106c Equations

Quantum Mechanics (Caltech Ph 125abc, 2015-2016)

PDF: Ph125a Equations

PDF: Ph125a Class Notes

PDF: Ph125c Equations

PDF: Ph125c Class Notes

Astrophysical Fluids (Cambridge University, Winter 2016)

PDF: Class Notes

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