A High Aspect Ratio Inverse-Designed Holey Metalens


Soon Wei Daniel Lim, Maryna L Meretska, and Federico Capasso. 2021. “A High Aspect Ratio Inverse-Designed Holey Metalens.” Nano Letters, 21, 20, Pp. 8642–8649. Publisher's Version
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Free-standing nanofins or pillar meta-atoms are the most common constituent building blocks in metalenses and metasurfaces in general. Here, we present an alternative metasurface geometry based on high aspect ratio via-holes. We design and characterize metalenses comprising ultradeep via-holes in 5 μm thick free-standing silicon membranes with hole aspect ratios approaching 30:1. These metalenses focus incident infrared light into a diffraction-limited spot. Instead of shaping the metasurface optical phase profile alone, we engineer both transmitted phase and amplitude profiles simultaneously by inverse-designing the lens effective index profile. This approach improves the impedance match between the incident and transmitted waves, thereby increasing the focusing efficiency. The holey platform increases the accessible aspect ratio of optical nanostructures without sacrificing mechanical robustness. The high nanostructure aspect ratio also increases the chromatic group delay range attainable, paving the way for a generation of high aspect ratio ruggedized flat optics, including large-area broadband achromatic metalenses.
Last updated on 07/06/2022