Allowing your Co-instructors and TAs to Open your Zoom Meeting

Please note…

Allowing your Co-instructors and TAs to open your Zoom meeting is optional, but encouraged.

Step 1

Go to the meeting in question. You can do this either on the Meetings tab once logged into or, if the Zoom LTI in Canvas is set up, on the Web Conferencing tab at on your course page. 

A red box indicates that the class meeting is selected on a Canvas course page.

Step 2

Click Edit this Meeting. This button may look differently depending on if you are in Canvas or if you are editing this meeting through the web portal. 

Edit this Meeting button in the Zoom LTI in Canvas.Edit this Meeting button in the Zoom web portal.

Step 3

In the Alternative Hosts field, add the Zoom accounts of any affiliated course staff members. When adding multiple accounts, separate them with a comma. Your course staff’s Zoom account email is usually the same as their Official email and the same as their HarvardKey email. If they do not know their Zoom account email, they can go to their profile and find it there. An alert in red text will appear if the email entered is not associated with a Zoom account on our license. You can also email us at and we can relay the corresponding Zoom account emails to you. Once the accounts have been added, click Save

Image of the Meetings Settings page with a red box and the number one around the Alternative Hosts field. A second red box with the number two is around the Save button.

Image of a Zoom Profile with a red box around the email in the Sign-in Email Field.

Step 4

Check the Alternative Hosts field to make sure that all of the accounts are added. Your course staff should also receive an email alerting them that they have been added as an Alternative Host to your meeting.

Saved reoccurring meeting settings page with a red box around the newly added Alternative hosts.

Step 5

Have the course staff members that you have added log in and test out opening the meeting.