Attendance Reports in Zoom

Step 1

Go to and Sign in with your HarvardKey. Then select Reports from the bottom of the left-hand navigation.

Image of the Zoom web portal's left hand Navigation with a red box around reports.

Step 2

Once in the Reports section, select Usage.

Image of the reports page with a red box around the Usage option.

Step 3

Set the date range to the desired value and select Search. Please note that the Maximum report duration is 1 Month. Then select the blue hyperlink under Participants to launch the Export window. 

Image of a list of reports with a search function at the top of the page. A red box with the number one is around the From, To Date Range. A second red box with the number two is around the Search Button. A third red box with the number three is around the Participants section of a given Meeting report which will hyperlink to the next page.

Step 4

Check the Export with meeting data and Show unique users boxes and select Export

Image of a Meeting Participants window. The number one and a red box indicate to check the Export with meeting data check box. The number two and a red box indicate to check the Show unique users check box. The export button has a red box around it with the number 3.

Step 5

You may see an alert letting you know that the file is processing before it downloads. 

Step 6

The file will download as a .CSV file. We recommend saving the file as a .XLSX file. Please be aware that your students' names will appear with the name that they entered the meeting room with. An email will only appear if they entered the meeting room while logged into a Zoom account. Students may also appear multiple times if Breakout rooms were used or if there were connection issues. Please note that this spreadsheet will tell you the duration that a student spent in class, but will not tell you if they entered class late. 

Image of a spreadsheet with the Meeting ID, Meeting topic, Start time, End Time, Host email, Meeting duration, and number of Participants at the top. Below is a list of students with their name, email, and the amount of time that they were in the room.