How Do I set up a Zoom Meeting in Canvas?

The Extension School is now using the Zoom LTI tool in Canvas for Web Conference meetings. Step one is to enable the tool on your Canvas site. Step two is to create your recurring meeting with no fixed time.


Step 1: Enable Web Conferencing

If Web Conferencing is already enabled for your course site, skip to Step 2.

To enable the Zoom Web Conference tool, click Settings from the left hand menu on your Canvas site. The Navigation tab will be selected by default. Two columns will appear. The top column is enabled features, the bottom disabled. Find Web Conferencing from the disabled(bottom) column and drag it to the top(enable) column. Position it below the syllabus. Click the blue Save button at the bottom of the page when you are done. Web Conferencing should now appear in the left hand menu of your course site.

Step 2: Create a Recurring Meeting with No Fixed Time

Click on Web Conferencing from the left hand menu. You will see an interface that looks like Zoom embedded in the page. Click on the Schedule a New Meeting button in the top right hand corner. The name of your course should populate in the Topic section automatically. Add the time of the meeting. Click the box for a Recurring meeting and under recurrence choose no fixed time. Make sure Mute participants is checked. If you would like to record all your meetings, check the box for record meeting automatically . Click the save button at the bottom of the screen. 


Pictured: screenshot of the meeting scheduler with some red markup indicating specific areas with instructions outlined in Step 2.