Course Formats Using Zoom

HELIX Web Conference

With HELIX Web Conference, you and your students meet at a designated time in an online classroom designed to foster community.

Using Zoom web conference, you’ll see and hear students from around the world as if they were all in the front row of your class.

HELIX Classroom

Live online students join the class through Zoom displayed on large monitors and seamlessly interact with students in the the classroom.

On-demand students watch professional recordings of the class on their own schedule and interact through online discussion tools.

Take a look at this overview video to see HELIX Classroom in action.

HELIX Live Stream

With HELIX Live Stream, we can live stream your course from any classroom on campus. Students can watch the course in real time and participate via text-based chat.

On-demand students watch professional recordings of class and participate on their own schedule.

Take a look at this overview video for more information on HELIX Live Stream.

Zoom for Sections

Using Zoom for your Section Meetings is a breeze. Check out our Section Meeting Page for more information, options, and steps to get ready.

Help Every Step of the Way

Our training and technical support teams will prepare you and your students to have a successful web conference experience. We’ll make sure you understand the pedagogical and technical aspects of teaching via web conference, so you’ll be ready to teach your first class. Even after the semester is underway, we’re happy to answer questions and tackle technical issues that may arise. See our training page for information about training. Students should go to the student training sessions, listed on the web conference website for students.

Expand Your Knowledge

Already using web conference but want to learn more? Attend one of our Advanced Training sessions, listed on the training page . Want some help with online teaching? Our faculty development team offers consultations and trainings to help you hone your teaching practices.


DCE started using web conference technology in 2007. We now have over 200 courses taught via web conference each fall and spring, and 100 in the summer.
Many other courses use web conferencing technology for sections, office hours, recorded lectures, and entirely new course formats.