Teaching Assistant (TA)

Web Conferencing for TAs

TA responsibilities come in many shapes and sizes - not all of this will apply directly to you, but a lot of it might. TAs typically run sections and are responsible for creating web conference sessions for sections. If your course is using Zoom and has more than 1 TA, you’ll need to decide:

  • Who is responsible for the account and recordings?
  • Will all TAs share a single meeting URL or will there be simultaneous meetings?

Learn more: Attend a Zoom training or contact support.


Account Setup

Zoom is a user friendly web conferencing software and has become the new standard at Harvard DCE.

Zoom: A course staff member must have a Zoom account through DCE to create and open meetings.

Zoom: Generate and Manage your Account

Go to and select Sign in


Attend a Training


You will need to attend a Zoom Training to learn about our web conference platform.

Trainings are held live, in Zoom.

By the time you have completed your training, you will feel confident and ready to launch your virtual classroom!


Recording Your Section Meetings

You will be able to record your sections by selecting Record > Record to the Cloud from within a meeting.

Invite, Manage Participants, Share Screen, Chat, Record Selected

You are responsible for publishing recordings to your Canvas site- please see our instructions on accessing and publishing recordings.

Attend a Zoom Training to learn more.

Create sessions

Session Guidelines

You as the TA will create a meeting that lasts the entire semester. Please see our detailed instructons on using Zoom and Canvas to create sessions.

Learn more: Attend a training or contact support.