Dataverse Operational Session

Kevin Condon, QA Lead, The Dataverse Project and Len Wisniewski, Director of Engineering, IQSS
Room: TMEC 443 Conference Room, Tosteson Medical Education Center, Harvard Medical School
2:30 - 4:00pm, July 12th

I've installed Dataverse, now what? Operations policies, practices, and issues.

We sometimes receive questions about how to manage Dataverse in production. Beyond installing the software, what other considerations are there? We'll share experiences from Harvard Dataverse and other community members to develop best practices.

Broad areas for discussion:
  • Planning your deployment and rollout: identify your user community and adoption strategy
  • Sizing the installation: hardware and architecture
  • Ensuring availability and performance: monitoring, troubleshooting and making adjustments
  • Data curation: how will your data be organized generally and what metadata standards might you have?
  • Permissions management: remote authentication, groups, and roles. Publication workflow
  • Back up and recovery: Where, when, how often?
  • Costs: people, time, money, funding
  • Staying up to date: upgrade process, frequency, level of effort
  • Supporting your users: support channels, service level
  • Future directions: Sensitive data, big data, alternative storage, cloud
  • Challenges: Service instability, growing use/ use cases, keeping infrastructure up to date