June 14: Pre-Meeting Workshops

Notes for June 14 workshops. (Links to slides are next to each workshop title.)



9:30am-12:00 | Belfer Case Study Room (Room S020)
IQSS Workshop: Best Practices for Building Social Science R Packages
by Christopher Gandrud (IQSS, Harvard University)
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Bundling your statistical work into R software packages and distributing them via services such as the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN) can greatly improve the rigor and impact of your research. This hands on workshop provides a comprehensive introduction to developing R software packages using the IQSS Best Practices for Software Development. It will cover a range of tools necessary for ensuring that you can create robust, sustainable, attributable, and user-friendly software for distributing your research. These tools include: devtools, roxygen documentation, RMarkdown, unit testing, and continuous integration. There will also be an optional introduction to Git/GitHub for version controlling and distributing your software preceding the main workshop.

Part 1: Using Git/GitHub from R | Slides

Part 2: Developing statistical software using IQSS best practices  | Slides

Dataverse Development Workshop
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The Developers' Workshop will provide hands-on training on contributing to open-source development of Dataverse. We'll offer the following sessions and events:
  • 9:30am-10:00am | Lee Gathering Room (Room S030)
    Kickoff | Slides
    (re)Introductions to the IQSS Development Team, contributing code to Dataverse, and changes over the last year.
  • 10:00am-11:30am | Rooms to be announced
    Breakout Sessions:
    • APIs | Slides
      Are you interested in building something to integrate with Dataverse using our APIs or client libraries? 
    • Modularity and SPI | Slides
      Are you interested in learning about Dataverse's emergent modular architecture?
    • Core/Metadata | Slides
      Do you want to contribute to the core code of Dataverse? Are you interested in how metadata is stored, accessed, and updated in Dataverse? 
  • 11:30am-12:00pm | Lee Gathering Room (Room S030)
    Retrospective | Slides
    A review of the last year in the developer community and an open time for us to reflect around three questions: What should we keep doing? What should we stop doing? What are some things we should try? Let's find ways for all of us to work better together.
10:00am-12:00pm | Tsai Auditorium (Room S010)
Dataverse User Training Workshop
by Sonia Barbosa (IQSS, Harvard University)
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Join Sonia Barbosa, Manager of Data Curation, for a detailed overview of Dataverse 4.6.1; including the new login options and file page features. There will be time for individual questions on how to use Dataverse.

Lunch for all workshop attendees




1:00pm-5:00pm | Lee Gathering Room (Room S030)
Dataverse Development Workshop - Hackathon | Slides
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Let's exercise the new skills learned in the Developer's Workshop morning sessions and then spend the afternoon working together on building the first Dataverse Community Meeting release!

1:00pm-5:15pm | Belfer Case Study Room (Room S020)
Data-PASS Workshop: Evolving Practices for Data Management and Sharing
By invitation only. If interested, please contact the organizers.

This is part of a workshop series sponsored by the Data Preservation Alliance for the Social Sciences (Data-PASS), “Developing and Implementing Data Policies: Conversations Between Journals and Data Repositories.” Learn more at the workshop's website.

5:30pm | Cumnock Fields
Social Event: Dataverse Cup

We're hosting the first annual Dataverse Cup, a friendly soccer match for those in the Dataverse community. Come out to Harvard's Cunmock Fields and play or cheer on your colleagues!

June 15: Dataverse Community Day 1

Notes for June 15 sessions. (Links to slides are next to each session title.)

Room: Tsai Auditorium

Coffee and Breakfast

Welcome + 10 Years Sharing Data with Dataverse | Slides
Welcome from Gary King (Director, IQSS) and Mercè Crosas (Chief Data Science and Technology Officer, IQSS)
10 Years Sharing Data with Dataverse, Mercè Crosas

What We've Been Up to Since #dataverse2016 | Slides
Danny Brooke and Dataverse Team

Coffee Break

Collaborations to Support New Research Communities
Moderated By Gustavo Durand (IQSS, Harvard University)

Dataverse Large Data Extension and SBGrid Data Bank | Slides
Pete Meyer (SBGrid, Harvard Medical School)

Cloud Dataverse on the Massachusetts Open Cloud | Slides
Gustavo Durand (IQSS, Harvard University)
Sarah Ferry (Massachusetts Open Cloud, Boston University)
Jeremy Freudberg (Massachusetts Open Cloud, Boston University)

Cloud Dataverse on MS Azure (Technology for Public Good) | Slides
RC Carter

Handle Minting Restored: The Harvard-CIMMYT Partnership | Slides
Richard Fulss (CIMMYT)
Jesús Herrera (CIMMYT)

Lunch (with discussion tables)    

Institutional Dataverses: From Repository Evaluations to Data Sharing
Moderated By Ceilyn Boyd (Harvard Library)

Data Repository Evaluation Process | Slides
Jen Doty (Emory University)

Panel on Dataverse Repositories
Peking University Dataverse, China, Ling Zhu | Slides
Cariniana Network, Brazil, Miguel Ángel Márdero Arellano | Slides
Dataverse North, Canada, Amber Leahey, James Doiron, Erin MacPherson | Slides
Texas Data Repository, USA, Courtney Mumma | Slides
DataverseNL, Netherlands, Marion Wittenberg | Slides

Coffee Break    

Phil Bourne, "Are Funders and Academic Institutions' Approaches to Data Science Aligned?"

Panel Discussion: "How Funders and Academic Institutions Can Incentivize Data Sharing"
Phil Bourne (University of Virginia)
Barbara Bierer (Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital)
Josh Greenberg (Sloan Foundation)
Rick McCullough (Harvard  University)
Alyssa Goodman (Harvard University)
 | Slides
Moderated by Mercè Crosas (IQSS, Harvard University)

Cocktail Reception & Poster Session

June 16: Dataverse Community Day 2

Notes for June 16 sessions. (Links to slides are next to each session title.)

Room: Tsai Auditorium

Coffee and Breakfast

Dataverse UX&UI and Community Discussion | Slides
Tania Schlatter and The Dataverse Team

Coffee Break

Research Data in Dataverse
Moderated By Sonia Barbosa (IQSS, Harvard University)

IFPRI’s Open Data in the Dataverse: Fueling Scientific Research Through Discovery, Accessibility, Reusability, and Interoperability | Slides
Nilam Prasai (IFPRI)
Indira Yerrameareddy (IFPRI)

The Development of DataverseNL Data Repository as Structured Data Hub | Slides
Vyacheslav Tykhonov (Data Archiving and Networked Services)    

Data from Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab
James Turitto (JPAL)

Use Cases for Enhanced Metadata Support Using the Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) | Slides
Amber Leahey (Scholar's Portal)
Kevin Worthington (Scholar's Portal)

Lunch (with discussion tables)

Dataverse Tool Integrations to Support the Data Lifecycle
Moderated By Danny Brooke (IQSS, Harvard University)

From Dataverse to the Data Universe: Connecting Dataverse to a Number of RDM Tools | Slides
Anita de Waard (Elsevier)

RSpace and Dataverse: Integrating an Electronic Lab Notebook with a Data Repository | Slides
Rory Macneil (Research Space)

Integration of Dataverse with the Open Science Framework - Time for Use Cases | Slides
Sherry Lake (University of Virginia)

Dataverse and OpenScholar -- Their Interoperability Equates to a More Comprehensive Web Platform Solution for Universities | Slides
Brie Pendleton (OpenScholar)

Reproducibility, and Reuse of Scientific Code | Slides
Simon Adar (Code Ocean)

TwoRavens: Intuitive Statistical Exploration, Model Extraction, and Curation | Slides
Vito D'Orazio (University of Texas at Dallas)
James Honaker (SEAS, Harvard University)

Coffee Break    

Victoria Stodden, “Toward a Reproducible Scholarly Record" | Slides

Panel Discussion:  "Toward a Reproducible Scholarly Record: How to Prevent Researcher Fatigue?"
Victoria Stodden (University of Illinois)
Thomas Leeper (London School of Economics and Political Science)
 | Slides
Margo Seltzer (SEAS, Harvard University)
Sean Kross (Johns Hopkins University)
Moderated by Christopher Gandrud (IQSS, Harvard University)

Closing Remarks
Mercè Crosas