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The annual Dataverse Community Meeting is an opportunity to build, grow, and enrich the global community in face-to-face settings. Like the open-source Dataverse product itself, the activities of the Dataverse Community Meetings are community-driven. Over three days of presentations, posters, workshops, working group meetings, and informal networking, we aim to promote and learn about behavioral and technical solutions and standards for curating, sharing, and preserving data that can be discovered and reused across disciplines to reproduce and advance research.

The Dataverse Community Meeting is hosted by Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science. Learn more about The Dataverse Project at our site.


Thursday 9:40am keynote by Martha Whitehead on "Data in the Knowledge Ecosystem"

Thursday 3:30pm keynote by Robert J. Hanisch on "Data Management Initiatives at NIST and Other US Government Agencies"

Francine BermanFriday 9:30am keynote by Wolfram Horstmann, on "Data in the Global Research CommonsIs There a Blueprint?"


Invited Panel

Thursday 3:30pm panel discussion on "Institutional, Regional, National, and International Research Data Initiatives" with Wolfram Horstmann, Martha Whitehead, Robert J. Hanisch, and Francine Berman, moderated by Mercè Crosas. More >

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Organizing Committee

Mercè Crosas
Danny Brooke
Sonia Barbosa
Richard Fulss
Julian Gautier
Amber Leahey
Dwayne Liburd
Janet McDougall
Courtney Mumma
Michelle Ryder