We're So Glad You're Here!

Welcome, we are so glad you are here! We might be biased, but we think engaging with Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) is fulfilling and integral to one’s experience at Harvard and beyond. We also understand that engaging with DEIB can be daunting. Often, we feel like we don’t know enough knowledge/language to responsibly contribute, or we are fearful of causing harm in the process of trying to heal. DEIB is not a perfect science, and chances are we have room to grow (if we didn’t, then you wouldn’t have to read this page and this office would not need to exist). What matters is that you join the conversation with respect and intentionality, carry yourself with humility and the willingness to improve, and stick around long enough to where DEIB becomes a daily routine.

Your voice matters, in fact it is needed in the conversation. At HGSE we believe that we all can and should engage in DEIB, because without our collective voices we can’t ensure that each of us has space to belong. You don’t have to go through this alone, we’ll work to provide you the support you need as you move through your DEIB journey. Whether you are looking for a place to start, or make DEIB your life’s work our office is here to help light the path and walk with you to your destination.

This site is built to help you start and/or grow your comfort with DEIB concepts. For those looking to start their journey, we recommend moving through the pages chronologically in the order listed below. Starting Points will help you to understand DEIB at a high level and give you foundational concepts. Digging in @ Harvard will help you to start to  hone in on various DEIB topics (i.e. gender, race, etc.) in the context of Harvard. DEIB @ Work is intended to support your journey beyond HGSE/Harvard. This page will help you to think through bringing DEIB to your place of work, or to find a career dedicated to DEIB.

Suggested Order: Starting Points > Digging in @ Harvard > DEIB @ Work