Join us for a talk on the future of internet and tech policy with Chris Riley, Mozilla

We are thrilled to host Chris Riley (@mchrisriley) Director of Public Policy, Mozilla for a conversation about the future of internet policy, tech policy, and governance.

“CATS” represents the next 2–10 years of complex tech policy debates: Competition, Algorithms, Tracking, & Security. These issues don’t include everything in policy, of course. But as a mnemonic meme, using “CATS” captures key emerging issues where the public conversation is still on a growth curve, where political battle lines haven’t been fully formed, and where we haven’t yet figured out answers or even all of the questions to ask.

Event details:
The Future of the Internet is CATS! 
Monday (today), October 23
4:15pm to 5:30pm
1 Brattle Square, Suite 470


(There will be cookies and coffee.)

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