Meet and Discuss Digital Transformation with Dave Guarino from Code for America

Dave Guarino, Senior Software Engineer, Code for America (@CodeForAmerica) will be joining us for our weekly Monday seminar series. The seminar will start at 4:15PM and located in 1 Brattle Square, 4th floor, suite 470 (map). 

Dave Guarino (@allafarce) will lead a discussions on the lessons learned from taking a prototype — built in three days, on top of fax machines — to scale as the largest (digital) assister for helping Californians access the SNAP (food stamp) program.

The discussion will focus on the tactical dimensions of digital transformation of government services:

  • building for rapid learning;
  • running a real digital service on day one;
  • integrating with existing systems without waiting years;
  • getting around entrenched risk aversion; and
  • the myths that cause the most government technology failure.

The discussion is intended to be participatory and focused on the “how” of using technology to achieve the human-welfare aims of public policy.

(There will be coffee and a light assortment of snacks.)

More about Dave Guarino:

Dave Guarino is a Senior Software Engineer at Code for America, a non-profit organization that builds technology so that government serves vulnerable Americans better. He is a founding engineer (and now product manager) of, a digital service that assists Californians through the process of enrolling in the SNAP (food stamp) program. A software engineer by trade, he studied Political Economy at UC Berkeley. 

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