Workshop Goals

This workshop will bring together members of the academic community to discuss recent advances and challenges in double pulsed field gradient (double-PFG) diffusion MRI. 

All invited participants will give a short presentation of their research in the field. The objective of the workshop is to identify primary applications for the double-PFG diffusion methodology, discuss the theoretical framework used, disseminate theoretical findings of all invited researchers, as well as finding strategies to shorten the acquisition times in order to make the methodology clinically feasible. 

The space at the conference site is limited. At the meeting we will initiate the planning for a followup workshop that can hold a larger group. 


Carl-Fredrik Westin
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Harvard Medical school

Markus Nilsson
Faculty of Medicine
Lund University

Daniel Topgaard
Physical Chemistry
Lund University

Karin Bryskhe
CR Development
Phone: +46 707522031

Location and Travel Information

The workshop will be held at the IceHotel in Jukkasjärvi. Below are three different travel options to the workshop site:

Flying from Stockholm (Arlanda airport) to Kiruna. SAS is the airline that has flights to Kiruna. On the 15th of January there is one departure at 11:35 and one at 20:40. On the 18th of January there are flights back to Stockholm at 6:15, 10:30 and 13:40. Workshop-organized bus from Kiruna.

2) Flying from Stockholm (Arlanda airport) to Luleå. From Luleå there are trains to Kiruna. The train takes between 3-5h. SAS is the airline that has flights to Luleå. There are 7 departures per day to Luleå.  Workshop-organized bus from Kiruna.

3) Night train from Stockholm to Kiruna. The train takes between 16-18h. Workshop-organized bus from Kiruna.

Information about the construction of the IceHotel during December and early January.