Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza, Krister Stendahl Professor at Harvard University Divinity School, is an international known biblical scholar and path-breaking feminist intellectual. She has done pioneering work in biblical interpretation and feminist theology. Dr. Schüssler Fiorenza’s teaching and research focus on questions of biblical and theological hermeneutics, ethics, rhetoric, and the politics of interpretation, as well as on issues of the*logical education, diversity and democracy. She is the co-founding senior editor of the Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion, was the first woman president of the Society of Biblical Literature and was elected a member to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2001. Her landmark work In Memory of Her has become a classic in Biblical Studies and was translated into fifteen languages and has most recently appeared in Chinese. Her latest books are Transforming Vision: Explorations in Feminist The*logy ( 2011), Changing Horizons: Explorations in Feminist Interpretation (2013); Empowering Memory and Movement: Thinking and Working across Borders (2014); Feminist Biblical Studies in the Twentieth Century (ed.;2014); 1 Peter: Reading Against the Grain (2015) and Congress of Wo/men: Religion, Culture and Kyriarchal Power ( Cambridge: FSRBooks, 2016) and Ephesians (2017).


Scholar Strike


Scholar Strike is an action inspired by the NBA, WNBA, Colin Kapernick and other athletes, to underscore the urgent importance of addressing racism and injustice in the United States. Conceived via a tweet by Anthea Butler, this is designed to call awareness to the racial climate in America, and the rash of police shootings and racial violence. 

Scholar Strike is both an action, and a teach-in. Some of us will, for two days, refrain from our many duties and participate in actions designed to raise awareness of and prompt action against racism, policing, mass incarceration and other symptoms of racism's toll in America


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Scholar strike





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