Wisdom Ways

Spanish Translation: Los Caminos de la Sabiduria. Una Introducción’a la interpretación feminista de la Biblia. Santander: Sal Terrae, 2004] [German Translation: Weisheitswege. Stuttgart: Katholisches Bibelwerk, 2005] Portuguese Translation of Wisdom Ways: Caminhos da Sabedoria. Uma Introducao a Interpretacao Biblica Feminista. Sao Bernardo do Campo: Nhanduti Editora, 2009.

This leading feminist theologian offers an exciting introduction to a most creative field of biblical interpretation which the author says is best understood as the search for Divine Wisdom. She offers a review of the art that is not merely informative, but liberating. Challenging mainstream hermeneutic strategies she empowers us to think critically and enter creatively into a life-transforming journey.