Educational Nonprofit Coalition   


The ENC Supports Student Organizations That Support Students.



What we do as part of our NGO Support Program:

  1. Provide a platform for crowd-sourcing resources, opportunities, and events at our email list

  2. We host workshops, webinars, panels and networking sessions to support you in your endeavours as a student-led nonprofit within the education sector.

  3. We connect you to advisors to help you grow your team,


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In addition to our NGO Support Program, we grow and share:

  1. the Fair Opportunity Guide

  2. the ENC resource list

  3. the Intercollegiate Discord


We co-hosted a researchathon with RadScholars and Policy for the People!

The Researchathon is a competition that funds and supports great youth-led environmental, social and technology ideas. The research marathon invites young people to tackle environmental, social and technological issues. We want new concepts and designs for programs, companies, and products that could use our support being brought into reality.


The event was held virtually on 2-4 July, 2021. 


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