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Overview Guide:


Hack the College Essay by John Dewis. (This is the one external source I've added so far, because it's worth it. It's endorsed by many of the other people included in this post).

The u/ScholarGrade Essay series (and his extras!):

35+ Best College Essay Tips

5 High Schoolers and Their College Application Essays About Work, Money and Social Class - The New York Times

Top 41 Common App Admissions Essays - Study Notes

WilliamTheReader: What Your Essay Looks Like From the Other Side + Crucial Essay Advice : ApplyingToCollege



u/novembrr: When you're over the word count and can't for the life of you cut your essay down...

u/steve_nyc: 5 Steps to Starting Your College Essay

u/mistermcneil (admissions consultant): My World-Ending Guide to the College Essay

u/Jidawg: Tips About Writing Multiple Supplements from a Sophomore @ Dartmouth

u/G0mega: Last Minute "Why X" and Supplement Advice from a Brown sophomore

u/PhAnToM444: An analysis of why the "mundane topic" seems to work so well for college essays. (Even if you're not writing a mundane essay, you can bring those same components into your own essay).


Activities Section:

novembrr's activities series is so useful:

u/MrsScholarGrade's series is new, and I hope I'll be adding more of her great work:

This post links several resources to find competitions/programs for your ECs or to find ECs based on your academic interest! I don't think you should be basing your activities on prestigious awards, but if you are doing something and you want to find ways to get more involved or get rewarded, this is a good resource.



steve_nyc: How to Ask Teachers for College Recommendation Letters

novembrr: The secret to having excellent LORs

ScholarGrade: How to get top LORs that stand out from the stack


AP Score Reporting:

novembrr: When AP Scores Matter and When They Don't (in my experience as an admissions reader at Berkeley and UChicago)

u/admissionsmom: Let's Talk about your AP Score



ScholarGrade: There have been many questions about interviews. Here's my guide

WilliamTheReader: Interview Tips!

novembrr: How to prepare for an interview: a guide by Novembrr, former UChicago admissions reader & alumna interviewer

admissionsmom: Up Close and Personal: The Interview. Here's My Cheat Sheet


AMAs about Admissions

BlueLightSpcl's AMA Series: Former UT-Austin Admissions Counselor, Author of Your Ticket to the Forty Acres, and A2C's First Moderator.

Steve_nyc's AMAs: College Admissions Counselor and Founder of A2C:

WilliamTheReader's AMA: Top 5 USNews University Alum, Worked in Alma Mater's Admissions Office, Part-Time Elite Admissions Consultant

Ethan Sawyer: the College Essay Guy's AMA. He wrote the first essay guide I shared.

Copied from steve_nyc (big shoutout here):


Admissions Officers:


Admitted Student AMAs:


Information on Colleges

College Lists Wiki / Common Data Sets

Big Future - College Search - Find colleges and universities by major, location, type, more.

College Information - Peterson's - The Real Guide to Colleges and Universities



Questions to Ask

14 Insightful Questions to Ask College Admissions Officers — Elite Educational Institute Admissions Mom


College App Guides

Getting Into Your Dream College: A Master Guide | Commonlounge

Admissions Reflections from the Class of 2022 - Google Docs

How to Apply to College Video Course Series

Applying to college infographic.png - Google Drive


College App Advice

r/A2C Class of 2023 Profile - ADVICE - Google Sheets

Growth Mindset



Information from and about Top School Applicants

Real Safeties, Matches, and Reaches From the Class of 2022- Domestic - Google Docs

Real Safeties, Matches, and Reaches from the Class of 2023 [25 Applicant Profiles + Admissions Advice]

/r/ApplyingtoCollege Survey Respondents



College based

Find College Scholarships - Niche

Scholarship database | DAAD Office New York


Summer Opportunities/Internships

Summer Programs | MIT Admissions

Research Internships - Montgomery High School STEM Board

High School Internships

[Megathread] Summer Programs : ApplyingToCollege


Excel Organizers:

Top 40 (US News) Colleges Application Organizer - Google Sheets

College Application Organizer - Google Sheets

college application organizer - Google Sheets


Criticisms of college

Estimating the Payoff to Attending a More Selective College: An Application of Selection on Observables and Unobservables

Does It Matter Where You Go to College? - The Atlantic