Member Organizations, ranked chronologically
  1. First Gen Support

  2. CVC + Intercollegiate Discord, Boston  

  3. Bored of Boredom LA NYC

  4. Summit Tutoring NYC

  5. Beyond the Five 

  6. Operation CORE Cambridge

  7. CovEd Cambridge

  8. Simply Neuroscience

  9. Sparky Tutoring NJ

  10. Helyx Initiative

  11. Homework Help Discord Server 

  12. Today and Tomorrow MD

  13. College Key Foundation 

  14. LEAP Canada  Vancouver

  15. Refinity FL, MD, PA, GA, VA

  16. Fair Opportunity Project 

  17. Medgeia Club

  18. Atos Syntel

  19. International Socioeconomics Laboratory

  20. Stimulus
  21. Refinity
  22. The Affair Magazine
  23. Healthy Africans Platform
  24. Raise Hope foundation Uganda

Organization Descriptions

First Gen Support

Main Contacts


First Gen Support (FGS) is a non-profit organization that seeks to fully equip first-generation, low-income, and immigrant students through their high school and college application journey. Through our multi-faceted approach including sharing opportunities and reliable college information on social media, providing mentorship, hosting various events, and posting stories about overcoming challenges, we hope to bridge the achievement gap in higher education among under-served students. 

What we can provide: 

  • Mentoring services for HS students 
  • Instagram @firstgensupport with constant updates about high school/college 
  • Events (at least once a month) 
  • Discord community 
  • Study groups 
  • Newsletter 

What we need: Funding + press coverage + high school/college outreach 

Size: 20+ staff member, 20+ interns, 100+ mentors/mentees, 700+ community members on Discord 


Coronavirus Visualization Community

Main Contacts: 

Akhil Kumar:

Lucas Chu:

Scott Blender: 


The Coronavirus Visualization Community is a community of high school and undergraduate students as well as graduate students and professionals all around the world working together on projects while learning more about data visualization and data science. We were started as a branch of the CVT but now have multiple partnerships and have our own COVID-19 Research course with over 120 enrolled students and have an Intercollegiate Discord where high school and college students from all over the world can attend events, workshops, and talks. Also, we have multiple projects that are underway such as a data visualization project which has over 20 sub-projects and a testing kit project where we are currently collaborating with a company to distribute FDA  approved testing kits all around the world!


Size of your organization: 30 Student Advisory Board Members and 1000 members

Link to Join:


Summit Tutoring

Main Contacts:

David Laszczkowski:

Ajay Singh: or


Here at Summit Tutoring, we are dedicated to helping you achieve success without having to pay exorbitant sums for it. After all, our motto is Bridging The Divide In Education, which means we're dedicated in helping students overcome their doubts about the SAT, college applications, and much more! We are a student-run organization and believe in the value of peer tutoring!

What we can provide:

    Discord help (1-on-1 tutoring)

What we need: 

    More members

Size: 27 tutors and 1420 members





Bored of Boredom



    Hope Shinderman:

    Yvette Copeland:

    Athalia Meron:

    Sarah Kageyama:



    Bored of Boredom provides free individual and group enrichment opportunities in both academic and non-academic subjects. We give learning opportunities to all, especially those who are receiving minimal to no remote schooling. The students in our program are mainly Pre-K to 8th grade, but we offer individual tutoring for high schoolers. We strive to bring enrichment opportunities to those who have historically been excluded from them; as such, the vast majority of participants in our program are neurodiverse or English as a second language students. 


Size of your organization: 

210 tutors and around 400 students

What we can provide:

    Funding help

What we need: 




Beyond The Five

Main Contact:

Gabe Gormezano:


Beyond the Five is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering students worldwide to succeed in their journey towards higher level education through 150+ free, online, self-paced courses including AP®️, SAT®️/ACT®️ prep and college-level classes. Our instructors include students from Johns Hopkins, Columbia, Harvard, Vanderbilt, Stanford, MIT, Waterloo and more! We currently have 500+ students from 30+ countries enrolled. Registration is open year-round to anyone, anywhere, of any age. Secondary/post-secondary students interested in making a difference in the lives of students worldwide can join our teaching team and all are welcome to join our virtual learning community via Discord!

Size of your organization: 

160 staff and 1600+ members

What we can provide:

    Course advice

What we need:


Link to join:


College Key Foundation


Main Contacts: 


Linda Lin:

Lucas Leanza: //


Website (domain pending):
Recent Article:



The College Key Foundation is a budding non-profit that guides underrepresented students through the college process by offering a free, virtual college-mentoring summer program. By providing quality, free college guidance services, we hope to remedy some of the inequalities in our education system that have been exacerbated by the economic hardships and academic disruption from COVID-19. As a part of our program, we hold panels with students, educators, and admissions officers, have one-on-one mentoring sessions, college editing, and more. 

Size: 20 staff members, 140+ mentees, 100+ mentors


What we need: Partner organizations to present panels & long term cooperation plans (expanding in size and reaching more communities); help finding financial support


What we can provide: 

  1. Mentoring services; 

  2. Press coverage and pitching for articles to be recognized; 

  3. Paperwork and certification of nonprofit status; 

  4. Help with outreach + contacting school and school-board members, reaching universities & admission officers to collaborate with your organization 

  5. The College Key Foundation’s family of mentors and mentees and their talents, passions and determination!


Operation CORE

Main Contacts:

    Taia Cheng:

    Katie Gao:


Operation CORE is a non-profit program providing College Mentorship and Academic Tutoring to students. Our goal is to fundraise for underserved communities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. All proceeds go towards Operation CORE's Community Relief Fund, which currently supports Stand for Children and Boston's Asian Community Development Corporation's Asian Emergency Relief Fund. You can find out more at

What we can provide:

    Harvard affiliation

What we need:

    Fundraising - marketing

Size: 46 volunteer mentors



Simply Neuroscience

Main Contacts:

    Chinmayi Balusu:

    Aravind Krishnan:


Simply Neuroscience is an international non-profit organization dedicated to fostering students’ interdisciplinary interests in the brain through neuroscience and psychology education, outreach, and awareness. Our goal is to build a stronger bridge between neuroscience and psychology in high school and higher education while increasing the impact of these fields on local, regional, national, and international levels. Simply Neuroscience creates a highly collaborative atmosphere among team members in hopes of providing a space for everyone to pursue their passion for learning about the brain; we welcome and highly encourage students with diverse and interdisciplinary interests.

Size of the organization: 

10 Board of Directors members, 3 Advisory Board members, 200+ general staff members

What we can provide:


What we need:





Homework Help Discord Server

Main Contact: 

Info/Blurb: Here at Homework Help discord, we have many tutors and helpers who are ardent about helping others who struggle with their homework. We were established with the vision of bringing people from around the world that share the same ideal. That is why we created, Homework Help Discord: A homework help based community that conjoins people that are eager to help others and people that need help.

What we can provide: Expert Discord Server Setup Help


What we need:

Size of organization: 1500+ Members



Students for Black Lives


Main Contacts: 




We are a group of high school and college students in the United States who provide college mentorship for those who donate to #BLM organizations. If you submit proof of your donation through our registration form, we will contact you and assign you with a mentor specifically matched to your academic and college admissions related needs. ALL OF THE FUNDS RAISED WILL BE GOING TO ORGANIZATIONS THAT SUPPORT BLACK LIVES MATTER AND FIGHT AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY. All of our mentors are volunteers.


Size: 8 Directors, 70+ mentors


What we can provide: help with outreach + engaging students, organizing 


What we need: partners to help us spread the word







Sparky Prep Tutoring


Main contacts: 




Sparky Prep is a free tutoring service for the SAT and related standardized tests designed to help you achieve success without having to pay exorbitant sums for it. We are student-run and believe in the value of peer tutoring. We also provide free essay review services. We operate mainly through Discord, and we offer both one-on-one and group tutoring. 


Size: 30+ tutors


What we can provide: help with running a Discord server + advertising


What we need: partners, web dev help




Today and Tomorrow


Main contacts:

Melissa Jones: 

Organization email:


Blurb: We are a group of students from Prince George’s County, MD who want to help rising seniors in the county better understand and navigate the college application process, with a focus on first-generation, low-income, and immigrant students.  We provide free 1 on 1 mentorship, webinars, and useful resources to interested students.  We believe that all students should feel supported in the college process and hope that guidance from peers who were once in their position is a greatly beneficial but widely untapped resource.


What we can provide: Help with outreach


What we need: Partners to help organize a virtual college fair


The Mentorship Project 


Main Contact: Abigail Romero (


Blurb: A project that seeks to tackle the systemic inequities in education by democratizing mentorship in matching underprivileged high school students with undergraduate students to guide them through the college application process.


Org Size: 20+ board members, 10 ambassadors, 200 mentors/mentees 


What we can provide: Help with outreach, educational resources


What we need: Help with outreach, compiling resources, partnerships, interested speakers for our webinars on college readiness, career paths, majors, etc. 


Links: (; Instagram (; LinkedIn (




LEAP Canada 


Main Contact: Maggie Chen (


Blurb: LEAP started in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Driven by a group of university students that had experienced their first year, many of whom did not have access to enough resources nor guidance entering post-secondary. As an organization run entirely by students, we want to use our experience to be mentors - especially in this time where their fears may be even greater with so much uncertainty and change. We hope to create an impact on these students' professional and academic development, so they can find their footing with ease throughout this transition.


Org Size: 10+ internal team members, 50 mentor/mentee pairings, 200+ webinar sign ups 


What we can provide: Platform to share your resources


What we need: Dedicated students in UK, USA, India, or any other country interested in building out this organization internationally 



Main Contact: Alhassan Bangura ( |

Blurb: Refinity provides a combination of academic resources alongside tutoring/interactive learning services and community events geared towards the specific needs of today’s secondary level children, concentrated in standard subjects (introductory/”Pre-AP” math), vocational subjects (Pre-medical), miscellaneous life skills (chess, organization), and test preparation (SAT, ACT, AP exams). In addition to consistent tutoring, we also host monthly “initiatives”, such as our Summer Prep Camps for the SAT and ACT and a Pre-Medical Interest Camp.

What we can provide: Custom educational resources, initiative ideas and platforms, tutors

What we need: Help with initiative/program advertising, speakers for college advice sessions



Code the Universe Foundation:


Main Contact: Sidd Balaganesh, Jeffery Annaraj, Naveen Kannan

Org Email:


Code the Universe is a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching people around the world about the fundamentals of programming through free, real-time online lectures. As of now, our platform supports instruction in five different programming languages (Java, Python, C++, GoLang, Matlab) and is run by a small group of volunteer teachers, with diverse backgrounds, ranging from engineers at companies like Sony to CS students at institutions like Georgia Tech. Our free lectures have been viewed by nearly 1000 students across the world.


Ultimately, we hope that our organization not only serves as a place that teaches people how to code but truly exists as a community of learners. A community where anyone can learn to code for free.


You can join our community here:

Size of our Organization: Board of Directors: 5, Staff: 19, Total members: 2417

What we can provide: Websites, AWS help, Discord bot help, Technical Support

What we need: Help with funding, More Members


Medgeía Club

mc logo

Contact Information :- 
Blurb :- Medgeía is a student club, run with the contribution of Mentors and Industry experts for STEM education where students from a large variety of countries and backgrounds collaborate, discuss, and find solutions to problems in the healthcare industry. It is also an amazing opportunity for students from all around the world to gain or acquire knowledge and learn new skills. This club gives students the chance to innovate and find solutions to problems related to healthcare, hereby serving their communities. We are present in more than 12 countries and are growing rapidly.
Size :- We have over 100 Members on our Public Discord Server and have over 30 Members in our Internal Team