Past Events

"Of Roses and Race: The Horticultural Roots of Francis Parkman’s Histories"
Christopher Parsons (Northeastern University)  


"Land, Water, and Contested Labor in Mexico's Bread-Basket"
Gabriela Soto Laveaga (Harvard University)


"How to Feel Cold in Hawaiʻi"
Hiʻilei Julia Kawehipuaakahaopulani Hobart (University of Texas at Austin)


"Terraforming 'mississippi-america': June Jordan's Dissident Black Ecological Thought"
J. T. Roane (Arizona State University)


"Spillover Zones: Disease Environments at the Human-Animal Interface"
Susan D. Jones (University of Minnesota)
Gabriel Rosenberg (Duke University)
Karl Appuhn (New York University)


"Enlightening Wildness in Brazil’s ‘Discovery Coast’: Global Markets, Forest Conservation, and Indigenous Agency in late Colonial Brazil"
Gustavo Azenha (Columbia University)

"The Waking Ice"
Bathsheba Demuth (Brown University)


"Three Handfuls of Pecans: Accessing Enslaved Women's Histories through Food"
Tiya Miles (Department of History, Harvard University)


"Maps and Environmental History"
David E. Weimer (Harvard Map Collection)
Garrett Dash Nelson (Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center, Boston Public Library)



SPRING WORKSHOP: Ocean, Island, Shore: Placing the Global Pacific in the Age of Climate Change



"Asian History at Water's Edge: Environment and Society in the Long Twentieth Century"

Xiaofei Gao (Asia Center, Harvard University)

Anthony Medrano (HUCE, Harvard University)

Cosponsored with the Asia Center


4/25/19"Ecological Histories of 'Planetary Health'"
Warwick Anderson (University of Sydney/Harvard University)


4/11/19"The Transnational Roots of a Chinese Petro-scape"
Judd Kinzely (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Cosponsored with the Environment in Asia series


3/28/19"A Low Carb(on) Lunch on "Teaching Climate History"
Dagomar Degroot (Georgetown University)
Eleonora Rohland (Bielefeld University)
Anya Zilberstein (Concordia University)



"Building the Boundary: Race and Environment at the U.S. Mexico Divide"

Mary E. Mendoza (Penn State University)



"Wilderness, Conservation, and Environmental Activism"

Environmental Poetry Pop-Up Series (Harvard University Center for the Environment and Poetry in America, part of Harvard University's 2018 ARTS FIRST Festival)



"An American Colony in 18th-century France: Les Nantuckois of Dunkirk and the Spread of Enlightened Illumination"
Darrin M. McMahon (Mary Brinsmead Wheelock Professor of History, Dartmouth College)



"Use, Misuse, and Earth Making"

Environmental Poetry Pop-Up Series (Harvard University Center for the Environment and Poetry in America)



"Oceanic Development Policy, Climate Change, and Floating City Projects: The Ups and Downs of Oceanic Urbanization since the 1960s"
Stefan Huebner (Research Fellow, National University of Singapore)



"Shaky Ground: The Untold Story of the Largest Earthquake Surge in Modern History"

Conevery Bolton Valencius (Professor of History, Boston College)

Anna Kuchment (Journalist, Dallas Morning News and Scientific American)

David Corcoran (Associate Director of MIT’s Knight Science Journalism Program, and former editor of the New York Times “Science Times.”)



"Resource Anxieties"
Victor Seow (Assistant Professor, Department of the History of Science, Harvard University)



"Ecology, Extinction, and the End of the Second Pandemic: Plague in the Ottoman Empire"
Nükhet Varlık (Associate Professor of History, Rutgers University)



"Publishing Forum, Expert Wisdom, Casual Conversation"

Paul Sutter (Professor of History, University of Colorado)

Harriet Ritvo (Arthur J. Conner Professor of History, MIT)

Edmund P. Russell (Professor of History, Boston University)

Lisa Brady (Professor of History, Boise State University)



"Bioregion and Biodescription: Reading and Writing in Place"
Gillian Osborne (Harvard University Center for the Environment)
"Plants that Purify: The Natural and Supernatural History of Smudging"
Rosalyn LaPier (Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, University of Montana)
"Beneath the Frontier: Fossils, Coal and Remaking the American West, 1800-1920"
Daniel Zizzamia (Ziff Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University Center for the Environment and Department of History)
"Science on a Mission: American Oceanography from the Cold War to Climate Change"
Naomi Oreskes (Professor of the History of Science and Affiliated Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Harvard University)
"Promiscuous Ponds"
Zachary Nowak (American Studies, Harvard University)
"Ecologies of Enclosure: Reconfiguring the Black Soldier Fly for Urban Waste Management in Guangzhou" 
Amy Zhang (Postdoctoral Fellow, Fairbank Center, Harvard University)
"Molecularizing Environmental Hazard: Toxicological Information and American Toxic Chemicals Policy"
Evan Hepler-Smith (HUCE Fellow, History of Science)
"'If it's fine': Meteorology, Weather, and Climate in Woolf's To The Lighthouse"
Anna Abramson (Mahindra Center Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard University)
"System Maintenance and the Politics of Care: NASA and the Dream of Multi-Species Spaceflight"
Leah Aronowsky (Doctoral Candidate in the History of Science, Harvard University)
"What is Environmental Literary History?"
A Discussion with James Engell (Harvard, English & Comparative Literature), Stephanie LeMenager (University of Oregon, English & Environmental Studies, Radcliffe Fellow), Corey Byrnes (Northwestern University, East Asian Studies, Mahindra Center Fellow) and Joshua Bennett (Harvard Society of Fellows, English), moderated by Gillian Osborne (HUCE Fellow, English)
Sonja Duempelmann (Professor of Landscape Architecture, Harvard Graduate School of Design)
"Street Tree Stories: On the Politics of Nature in the City"
Brian Lander (Environmental Fellow, Harvard University Center for the Environment)
"The Political Ecology of China's First Empire"
"Species Problems"
Harriet Ritvo (Professor of History, MIT)
“The Materials of Imperialism: Engineering Arid Landscapes in Washington’s Columbia Basin and Afghanistan’s Helmand Valley”
Linda Nash (Professor of History, University of Washington)
"Bikini Atoll as 'the World in Miniature': Ecological Fieldwork and World War" 
Laura Martin (Environmental Fellow, Harvard University Center for the Environment)
"Approaching the Anthropocene: Perspectives from the Humanities and the Sciences"
Fredrik Jonsson (Professor of History, University of Chicago)
Pamela Templer (Professor of Biology, Boston University) 
Sophia Roosth (Professor in the History of Science, Harvard University)
Daniel Shrag (Professor of Geology, Harvard University)

"Advocating for the Field, 1903-1983"

Zoe Nyssa (Environmental Fellow, Harvard University Center for the Environment)

"Exotic, Non-Native, and Invasive Species As (A)Historical Categories"
Zach Nowak (Doctoral Candidate in American Studies, Harvard University)


Panel Discussion on the Intersection of Environmental History and Oceanic History
Sunil Amrith (Professor of History and South Asian Studies, Harvard University)
Joyce Chaplin (Professor of History, Harvard University)
Antony Adler (Science, Technology & Society Fellow, Harvard University)
Caterina Scaramelli (Doctoral Candidate in HASTS, MIT)
"Water Buffaloes, Feral Horses, and Waterbirds in the Making and Unmaking of Wetlands’ Livable Nature"
John Lee (Doctoral Candidate in HEAL, Harvard University)
"Forests and the State in Pre-Industrial Korea, 1392-1592"
Initial meeting
Discussion of book proposals by Harriet Ritvo (Professor of History, MIT), Brett Walker (Professor of History, Montana State University), Zach Nowak (Doctoral Candidate in American Studies, Harvard University), and Joyce Chaplin (Professor of History, Harvard University).