Past EPL Affiliates

Nikki Okwelogu

Nikki Okwelogu

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Nikki is a senior undergrad at Harvard College studying Human Evolutionary Biology with a secondary concentration in Psychology. She is also pre-med...

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Arianna Paz

Arianna Paz

Undergraduate Thesis Student
Arianna is a junior at Harvard College from Long Island, New York concentrating in Psychology with a secondary in Music.  She is excited to combine these... Read more about Arianna Paz
eliza rego

Eliza Rego

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Eliza Rego is a Harvard College junior from Warren, Rhode Island, concentrating in Cognitive Neuroscience and Evolutionary Psychology with a secondary in... Read more about Eliza Rego
Liam Simons

Liam Simons

Liam is a freshman at Harvard College from Cambridge, Massachusetts, concentrating in Economics with a secondary in Psychology.  He is excited to combine... Read more about Liam Simons
Zachary  Smith

Zachary Smith

Research Assistant 2015-2016

Zachary received his M.A. in Psychology from Brandeis University. He has worked in a variety of different positions including teaching English in...

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Jarele  Soyinka

Jarele Soyinka

Undergraduate Programming Specialist

Jarele Soyinka (Jay) is an undergrad with a joint concentration in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. His interests include...

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Zachary Strecker

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Zach is an undergraduate senior concentrating in Psychology with a focus on cognitive neuroscience and evolutionary psychology. He is also pursuing a secondary... Read more about Zachary Strecker