Our Mission

Erevna is a multinational, intercollegiate organization operating 100% remotely to provide extracurricular, project-based learning experiences for all students. From panels for educational discussions and public policy writing, to startup communities and data science research projects — Erevna is extremely interdisciplinary across all initiatives of ours.

    Our Initiatives

    Join Us: http://bit.ly/erevnaapp

    Our Vision & Goals

    As we continue to upscale our operations and grow our organization, we aim to continue connecting students to valuable resources as they materialize their own initiatives, projects, and ideas. In 2021, we plan to:

    • CVT: Produce more data visualizations, publishable manuscripts, and shareable content to support contribute to COVID-19 research.
    • The Erevna Research Fellowship and equiSearch: Make independent research more accessible for students, and lower the entry point for students looking to work on independent projects.
    • Panel to the People: Hold a space for roundtable discussions between seasoned experts that the general public can tune in to, and engage with.
    • Policy for the People: Guide students in drafting/developing policy proposals in efforts to help the youth contribute to real-world public policy.
    • Hack for the People and Alphastart: Support the development of software solutions both during, and after, hackathons.
    • The Intercollegiate Discord, CVC, and ENC: Further build open, online communities for all students to experiment with educational research projects together, study with one another, and build camaraderie along the way.