Our Mission:

Advancing the education and empowerment of impactful students. Erevna is a global 501(c)3 non-profit organization fostering student education and impact through incubation, research, and community. We're comprised of ten entirely student-run, online, open-source, international, and not-for-profit initiatives that inform justice by means of democracy: 


Our Accomplishments:

Founded in April by Lucas Chu, we’ve been able to crowdsource students to get them involved with independent research projects, student community networks, and helped them learn and gain skills in computer science and data science. 

More specifically, we’ve been able to:

  1. Recruit over 6,000 students from over 20 different time zones.

  2. Publish 2 papers in the Journal of Working With Older Adults.

  3. Supply over 30+ research positions through Georgia Tech’s College of Computing Summer REU, our own research fellowship, and the Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis

  4. Establish over 20 partnerships with organizations like the Harvard Data Science Initiative, Harvard Innovation Labs, Helpful engineering, dcyphr, and Just One Giant Lab.

  5. Coordinate over 350k+ articles of PPE donated.

  6. Host over 30 educational events (tutorials, seminars, panels, etc) with speakers from 3b1b to Avi Schiffman to the Attorney General of Massachusetts, with over 1000 students reached.

On an initiative level:
Coronavirus Visualization Team - https://www.understandcovid.org/ - 400 active members
CVC - https://bit.ly/Join-CVC - 100 students and weekly seminars
Hack For The People - https://hackforthepeople.com/ - Over $20k in prizes and 700 participants
Policython - https://policython.org/ - Partnered with >50 organizations, including the WHO, AAAS, and The Heritage Foundation
Educational Nonprofit Coalition - https://projects.iq.harvard.edu/enc
Panel To The People - https://scholar.harvard.edu/panel - Hosting conversations worth having with anyone from 3b1b to the Attorney General of Massachusetts
F(ound) - https://projects.iq.harvard.edu/found - Fund hackathon projects
Intercollegiate Discord - https://discord.gg/cvc - Connect >2k students with opportunities
equiSearch - https://projects.iq.harvard.edu/equisearch - Platform HS research
Erevna Research Fellowship - Matched 30 college students with researchers

Our Vision:

As we continue to grow our operations and organization, we will continue to connect students to resources in our network as they actualize their projects, initiatives, and ideas. 

Within the next few days we plan to: 

  1. Produce more visualizations, publishable manuscripts, and content through Coronavirus Visualization Team to support COVID-19 research.

  2. Make independent research more accessible for students and lower the entry point for students looking to work on independent projects through EquiSearch and Erevna’s Research Fellowship.

  3. Help students draft data-driven policy proposals that create meaningful impacts on public policy decisions through Policy for the People.

  4. Launch outreach campaigns to work with HBCUs and underrepresented groups in STEM to get them further involved in our work and initiatives.

  5. Support software solutions from our hackathons organized by Hack for the People through our new MVP seed fund F(o)und.

  6. Build visualization and intercollegiate community groups with seminars and community-wide events through CVC and the Intercollegiate Discord.

  7. Host panels centered on diverse perspectives to combat pressing issues in education, computer science, and epidemiology through Panel to the People.