Scott Blender

Board Secretary
Scott is a current sophomore at Temple studying Mathematical Economics and Statistics who is passionate about entrepreneurship, data science, and leveraging... Read more about Scott Blender

Shyam Chandra

Director of Data Visualization Posts
Shyam is a Freshman at the Georgia Institute of Technology majoring in Biomedical Engineering. He is the Director of Visualization Posts for Erevna and also... Read more about Shyam Chandra

Lucas Chu

Lucas is a German-born Taiwanese sophomore studying economics and statistics at Harvard. He's currently taking six courses and working with the Census Bureau,... Read more about Lucas Chu

Justina Chua

Co-Chair of the Advisory Board
Justina is a freshman in Dev Degree, where she interns at Shopify while studying CS at Carleton University on a full-tuition scholarship. She's also leading... Read more about Justina Chua

Desiree Ho

Project Lead
Desiree is a second year in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at UC Berkeley who spends a lot of time thinking about synthetic biology. To combat... Read more about Desiree Ho

Yogya Kalra

Director of Internal Communication
Yogya is a high school sophomore currently in Toronto, Ontario. He is the director of Internal Communication & Applications/Onboarding for the Coronavirus... Read more about Yogya Kalra

Sara Kohler

Director of Social Media
Sara is a senior in high school from Minnesota. She is the Director of Social Media for the Coronavirus Visualization Team, and is part of the Fact-Checking... Read more about Sara Kohler

Akhil Kumar

Managing Director of the CVC
Akhil is currently a high school sophomore in Toronto, Canada and is the Managing Director of the CVC and is involved in most Erevna initiatives. He also works... Read more about Akhil Kumar

Paul Pak

Managing Director of Internal Affairs
Paul is a second-year at Madison majoring in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Economics (grad. May 2023). He is the Managing Director of Internal... Read more about Paul Pak

Oriel Savir

Project Lead
Oriel Savir is a senior student at Scarsdale High School in Scarsdale, New York. He has a great passion for science, especially biology, and statistics. Oriel... Read more about Oriel Savir

Katherine Xu

Project Lead
Katherine is a senior in high school from the Bay Area who is passionate about synthetic and environmental biology. As the project lead of Environmental... Read more about Katherine Xu

Mandy Yuan

Director of Design
Mandy is a freshman Public Health major at UT Austin with a concentration in infectious diseases and microbiology, double minoring in Studio Art/Design and... Read more about Mandy Yuan