The Early Sciences Working Group (ESWG) brings graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty together to discuss current work in the fields of ancient, medieval and early modern science and medicine. Our primary goal is to provide a forum for student and faculty scholars to present and receive comments on their current research. Presenters at the working group share drafts of articles, dissertation chapters, and research from books in-progress or independent projects. Students and faculty have taken the opportunity to practice conference papers at the working group. Members of the group offer valuable feedback on the presentation and content of these talks.

The Early Science Working Group is particularly focused on promoting graduate student work, encouraging networking and the exchange of ideas between graduate students, and assisting them at all levels of advancement. Graduate students present research papers and portions of prospectuses or dissertations. Students nearing the completion of their degrees practice job talks at the working group. More experienced students in the group, as well as faculty, are also a valuable professional resource for first, second, and third year graduate students. 

We meet two or three times a month in the Science Center, 1 Oxford St, Cambridge, MA.  Please see our Events page for details.