Ethical Engagement in conflict research

Harvard University

July 8-10, 2019


I. Changing Contexts

Erica Chenoweth, Chair

  • Ora Szekely--Naming Names: Balancing agency and security in qualitative field research
  • Will Reno--Field Research and Changing Global Norms
  • Anita Gohdes--The Politics of Data Access in Studying Violence across Methodological Boundaries: What we can learn from each other?
  • Dipali Mukhopadhyay--Being an Interpretivist at Your Desk?

II. Insider/Outsider Dynamics

Mimmi Soderberg Kovacs, Chair

  • David Mwambari--Ethical Issues and Power Dynamics from The Local Positionality
  • Peter Krause--An Outsider in the Field: Grappling with trade-offs in the pursuit of knowledge and objectivity
  • Swati Parashar--Research Brokers, Researcher Identities and Affective Performances: The insider/outsider conundrum
  • Wendy Pearlman--Emotional Ethics and the Dilemma of Instrumentalized Trust
  • Ragnhild Nordas--Capacity-Building and Publication Dilemmas in North-South Collaborations

III. Trauma

Zoe Marks, Chair

  • Gameela Samarasinghe--Ethical Concerns in Conflict Research in Sri Lanka
  • Rebecca Littman--The Ethics of Asking about Violence and Trauma in Conflict Research
  • Cyanne Loyle--Research-related Trauma in Conflict Research: In-country team members and non-conflict specialists
  • Cassy Dorff--Research Related Trauma: Quantitative data collection ethics for conflict scholars

IV. Practicalities and managing ethics

Erica Chenoweth, Chair

  • Jason Lyall--Preregister Your Ethical Redlines
  • Emery Mushagalusa Mudinga--Research at “Home”: Dangers and ethical dilemmas
  • Kristine Eck--Ethical Oversight of Student Research in (Post-)Conflict Settings
  • Dara Cohen--Money and Fieldwork: The dilemmas of financial exchanges
  • Kanisha Bond--Research Ethics 102: Sources and solutions


With generous support from:

The Weatherhead Center for International Affairs

The Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

Folke Bernadotte Academy