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Did humans truly domesticate dogs? Canine history is more of a mystery than you think.

A new wave of research probes how Fido went from fierce to friendly.

By Kat McGowan | Popular Science


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Hunters, herders, companions: Breeding dogs has reordered their brains

Canine research lends insights into understanding the evolution of the human mind

Harvard Gazette

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How centuries of selective breeding has changed the shape of dogs' brains

CBC: As It Happens


Study Finds Humans Over Time Have 'Systematically' Shaped The Brains Of Dogs




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Will This Dog Hunt?

For thousands of years, we've bred canines to hunt, herd, help and protect us, and to be our best friends.  But what is it that makes a dog good at its job, and how has all of that breeding affected behavior and personality? 

Georgia State University Magazine



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The Incredible Thinking Machine

New tools deepen our understanding of how brains work.

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