Hey Everyone,

*What happened this week*

The Global Innovations Forum was a great event that highlighted several interesting development projects. The entire broadcast is online at http://www.ewb-usa.org/globalforum/. Check it out! 

No project is complete without its setbacks, but we are on our way to submitting the 524 (Preliminary Design Report) on Sunday. There have been a number of notable advancements:

1) The location for the well is now further down Luis's field. This change was initiated by comments from our EWB Project Manager who pointed out that contaminated run-off should not be an issue for a properly-sealed well. We have concluded, thanks to discussions with several well and hydrology experts that pesticides will most likely not be a problem in an aquifer of this depth and sealed by a relatively impermeable confining clay layer.

2) The drilling method is called "reverse rotary". This method has a number of advantages. Drilling fluid will constantly cycle through the borehole while drilling to prevent collapse and allow for retroactive installation of the well screen and casing. Also, cuttings from the drill bit will rise to the surface, allowing for inspection and testing of sediment size.

You can check out the 524 as it's being completed in the Drive: Project->Spring 2013 Design->524. We will send out the final document once it's complete.

*What's coming up*

THIS SUNDAY Presentation by Boston Professional Chapter in Lamont Forum Room (6:00PM - 7:00PM)

We will continue to have weekly project meetings Tuesdays 8-9PM in Pierce 301.

Reminder of upcoming events: 

  • April 20 Film Showing of Flow: For Love of Water in Sever 202 (6:30PM - 8:00PM) FELIPE'S WILL BE SERVED.
  • April 27 Habitat for Humanity Build (8:00AM - 4:00PM) - If you signed up you'll be receiving a confirmation form soon. Please be sure to fill that out! If you are interested but didn't sign up, shoot us an email and we'll be sure to let you know if a spot opens up.


Jason & Leah