Guidelines for Creating a Facility Report

When a Harvard library requests to borrow collections (for exhibition or teaching purposes), the potential lender may require the library to prepare a facility report. The report provides detailed information about the library building and exhibition space to assist the lender in making decisions about whether to loan collections and how to minimize risk to collections throughout the loan process. It is recommended that each Harvard library complete the AAM General Facility Report for incoming loan requests because this a widely accepted standard report format.

Please note that the AAM General Facility Report requires collecting at least one year of environmental data (temperature, humidity, and, if it varies through the seasons, lighting) in the exhibition display location and that most lenders want a report with the most current data about the library facility. It is recommended that updates to the library facility report be undertaken annually and include the most recent year of environmental monitoring data.

If you need assistance completing a facility report or in setting up environmental monitoring in your location, check out our FAQ or email