Guidelines for Outgoing Loans Processing and Recommended Timelines

The recommended timelines for loan processing were designed to help libraries respond to an outgoing loan request to borrow library collections received from another campus location or external institution. The timelines are structured to ensure that there is adequate time to complete all major steps in the loan process, including the completion of the Checklist Template, review of facility report, review of insurance policy, determination of transport and packing requirements, an Outgoing Loan Review, completion of a loan agreement, completion of a Condition Check Form, and creation of the Transfer Form/Loan Receipt to preserve the chain of custody throughout the loan. 


To begin working with the timelines the library will need to:

  • Confirm the work(s) being requested
  • Confirm desired display opening, area of display, or display method for work(s) being requested
  • Have relevant documentation from the borrower

- Facility report

- Insurance policy and exclusions

  • Identify the library staff member performing registrarial functions for the loan
  • Confirm stakeholders (e.g., library contact/staff performing registrarial functions, collection manager/curator/ bibliographic/subject specialist, format-specific conservator, imaging staff)

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Outgoing Loan Timelines