Guidelines for Reviewing a Borrower’s Insurance

The University’s insurance procedures require the Harvard library (potential lender) to obtain a copy of the borrower’s insurance policy and exclusions so that they can be reviewed by library staff for compliance with the University’s risk management and insurance requirements.

Other Campus Locations

For outgoing loans between a Harvard library and other campus locations, the borrower must show the lender verification that they are on the University’s fine arts policy.

External Institutions

For outgoing loans between a Harvard library and external institutions, the borrower must be in compliance with the terms expressed in the Insurance Section of the General Conditions of the Outgoing Loan Agreement.


For questions about any of the above, including what steps to take if an internal borrower is not on the University’s fine arts policy, or for questions about the compliance of an external borrower’s insurance policy, please contact Victor Greene, Associate Director of Insurance, at (617) 495-7970.

You can also visit the Risk Financing and Insurance department online or call the main office line at (617) 495-7971.