Guidelines for Reviewing a Borrower's Facility Report

A facility report provides detailed information about a potential borrower’s institution and exhibition space that a Harvard library can use to make good decisions about whether to loan collections and how to minimize risk to collections throughout the outgoing loan process. The information enables library staff to determine whether the borrower’s facility meets generally accepted library and museum standards, as well as whether it satisfies the library’s own criteria for entering into a lending relationship. A widely accepted format for a facility report is the American Alliance of Museums (AAM) General Facility Report (HUID access only), which is available to the general public at the AAM bookstore. Some borrowers may prefer to create their own facility report. Alternative reports are described by the American Library Association’s Rare Books and Manuscripts Section. Any facility report should include information about: 1) the borrower, 2) the building, 3) fire protection, 4) security, 5) environment, 6) handling and packing, 7) insurance, and 8) references and loan history.

Review all sections of the borrower’s facility report and use the report to determine the overall risk and whether it is appropriate to loan the requested works.

Be especially mindful of the following deal-breakers:


Additional Questions and Follow-Up regarding reviewing the Borrower’s Facilities Report

  • Insurance: For questions about the borrower’s insurance policy, contact Victor Greene, Associate Director of Insurance, at (617) 495-7970. You may also visit the Risk Management and Audit Services' Risk Financing and Insurance department online or call the main office line at (617) 495-7971.
  • Environment, Packing, and Installation: For questions about appropriate environmental set points, how best to pack and install a requested work, or to review the borrower’s staffing, please contact Conservation.
  • Borrower-Supplied Information: Contact the borrower to clarify anything in the facility report or provide any missing information.
  • Adding Special Loan Conditions to the Outgoing Loan Agreement: Please note any special requirements for a requested work, such as specific environmental set points, handling, or installation, in the Special Loan Conditions section of the Outgoing Loan Agreement. It is generally recommended that the Special Loan Conditions section be reviewed verbally with the borrower so that there are no misunderstandings.